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POLL – Best game of the year… so far?

POLL – Best game of the year… so far?

killzone_2Okay, it’s the middle of a hot and humid summer and not many games are coming out. Well, not many good games, that is. Hell, we just had to go and buy a copy of Ice Age 3 so we can review it – Activision couldn’t or wouldn’t send us a copy. Guessing it won’t be very good.

Anyway, it’s got us thinking: with a good three months of sunning ourselves on the beach (and not much else) until the good games reappear, what have been the best PlayStation games of 2009 so far? We’d like you to post your top five below then we’ll tot up the games and give you an overall five. Oh, and to make things a bit more interesting you could also tell us your most-anticipated game out later in the year. Once all this bloody hot weather has disappeared.

So, let us know what you think!

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  • Helgareth

    Its blatantly street Fighter IV sept as I only don’t play that that much cuz it makes my pants all sweaty an that so maybe its Killozne 2 which is so cool and violent and the online makes COD sucks. Oh wait I love Metallica Guitar Hero Metallica is my best game of the year cuz of metllIca which I love. Yeah.

  • 5) CID The Dummy (LOLZ)
    4) WWE: Legends Of Wrestlemania
    3) Fight Night Round 4
    2) Guitar Hero Metallica
    1) Killzone 2

    Can’t wait for Modern Warfare 2 to come out!

  • Mr Biscuits

    1. KillZone 2
    2. Infamous
    3. Resi 5
    4 Chronicles of riddick
    5.Patapon 2

    The game i’m looking forward to most is Uncharted 2

  • Henry

    Top 5 Games of 2009 (so far)

    1. Bionic Commando
    2. UFC 2009 Undisputed
    3. Killzone 2
    4. inFamous
    5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Most anticipated: Alpha Protocol

  • FightingFan

    Ha! You n00bs. The best game this year is BlazBlue which I imported from Japan because what’s the point in waiting for english versions which are always worse anyway. But you losers wouldn’t have heard oif it because you just buy Killzone and Resident Evil and Street Fighter like they tell you to in GAME (shop for dropouts FYI) Ha! Bye!

  • Henry

    Why didnt you list it in yur first post then? It seems obvius to me who the real loser is around here.

  • omg, blazeblu is so lame!

  • Charmander

    5. Pangya
    4. Loco roco 2
    3. Patapon 2
    2. Prinny
    1. Monster Hunter

    Want: MGS: Peacewalker

  • Mr Biscuits

    by teh way, street fighter is the best best em up of 2009 and didnt even make my top 5! blzeblue 4 losers.

  • my top 5 has to be Battle fantasia, tekken 6, street Fighter 4, king of fightres 12 and soul calibur

  • mitchy18boii

    3.Fight Night Round 4
    4.Red Faction: Guerilla
    5.UFC Undisputed 2009

    Can’t wait for: Uncharted 2 AND Modern Warfare 2

  • rugbynut

    Top 5 this year so far:
    1# SF4
    2# Killzone 2
    3# UFC 2009
    4# RE5
    5# Infamous
    Can’t wait for modern warfare 2, uncharted 2 and Tekken 6!

  • FightingFan

    Henry, that WAS my first post. What the HELL are you talking about?!
    Rasputin, if you think Blazblue is lame then that just proves you haven’t played it so you don’t know what you’re talking about either.
    WTF!!?!? You guys claim you like beat em ups but you like crap like soul caliBORE and battle FATASSia. Epic FAIL guys!

  • Whiskyman

    My top five have to be Killzone 2 at number 1 which I can play for hours on end it easily crushes Resistence, closely followed by Fallout 3 which is just brilliant then Skate 2 which was just hours upon hour of crazy stunts then it has to be Prototype in fourth and last but not least Street Fighter IV!

  • Michael Muress

    1) Killzone
    2) Infamous
    3) Resi 5
    4) Prototype
    5) Fight night round 4

  • joogal

    what planet r most of you eejits from killzone 2 has the worst control system ever (dont give me piss-off back to cod,4,5 or get better guff)the only list thats in, is the all time overhyped steaming turd top 5.(i should know payed 40 bucks for it) Blazblue the least said about that pish the better.(1st”RESI-5″lukin 4ward 2 aliens colonial marines,cod modern 2.

  • KillerByButtons

    1) inFamous
    2) Prototype
    3) COD WAW
    4) Killzone 2
    5) Saints Row 2

    Really can’t wait for

    1) Modern Warfare 2
    2) Uncharted 2
    3) Batman Arkham Asylum
    4) Red Dead Redemption
    5) GTA Chinatown Wars PSP

  • Cloud

    Need to get Killzone 2. 1) inFamous 2) skate 2 3) [PROTOTYPE].

  • rump42

    before i put the list i feel that resi 5 should not be on because there is a lot of messin about with controls.
    3) UFC 2009

  • t54d

    Dude best game so far? Thats in the past man! Look to the future and its limitless possibilities!
    I can’t wait for:
    1)Uncharted 2
    2)Assassins Creed 2
    3)The Last Guardian
    4)Heavy Rain
    5)Red Dead Redemption

    Yup…I’m not someone who likes to brag that their better cos they like “cult games” or watever…I’m mainstream and proud of it baby!!

  • Ben

    #1 Killzone 2
    #2 Infamous
    #3 fallout 3
    #4 Red faction (just because of the destruction :P)
    #5 Resi 5
    Can’t wait for uncharted 2!!

  • Chris

    1. Prototype
    2. Skate 2
    3. Fallout 3
    4. Killzone 2
    5. Resi 5

    But the ones for the rest of the year has to be

    1. Assassin’s Creed 2
    2. Mordern warfare 2
    3. Brutal Legend
    4. Uncharted 2
    5. MAG

  • lordirongut

    1: Eternal Sonata
    2: Persona 4
    3: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    4: Disgaea 3
    5: (Everyone will hate me) Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

    Looking most forward to White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, Agito XIII and Final Fantasy XIV (and maybe Tales of Vesperia if Namco bring it here).

  • (1)Killzone 2. (2) prototype (3)infamous (4)monster hunter. (5)die zombie die. Can’t wait for (1) modern warfare 2.

    (2) uncharted 2. (3)assasins creed 2. (4) need for speed shift. (5) wwe smack v raw 10

  • g4hendersongamer

    Does it not have to be games released this year???

  • g4hendersongamer

    If not –

    1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Online makes it)
    2. Grand Theft Auto 4
    3. Fallout 3
    4. Burnout Paradise
    5. InFamous


    1.fight night round 4
    2.call of duty world at war
    3.ufc 2009 undisputed
    4.fifa 09
    5.tiger woods pga tour 10

    all of my top five are based on games i own

  • SeanS

    1.fight night round 4
    2.call of duty world at war
    3.ufc 2009 undisputed
    4.fifa 09
    5.tiger woods pga tour 10

    all of my top five are based on games i own

    obviously haha

  • 1.fight night round 4
    2.call of duty world at war
    3.ufc 2009 undisputed
    4.fifa 09
    5.tiger woods pga tour 10

    all of my top five are based on games i own

    obviously haha