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Pointless Predictions For 2011

Pointless Predictions For 2011

It’s prediction madness season again as everyone runs out of actual news to write and starts asking people who know virtually nothing to comment on virtually nothing to give virtually nothing answers that give the appearance of being something other than virtually nothing… But the Michael Pachter story that Rockstar is working on GTA V is solid as a rock.

Anyway, here are some more pointless predictions based on absolutely no evidence that you can take as news. Remember to quote Jon Gordon, news editor of Play magazine when you write up your own stories.

1. Activision to release Call Of Duty game – It’s all very hush, hush at the moment, but I happen to know thanks to my extensive sources that Activision has been very happy with the performance of Call Of Duty: Black Ops. So much so that’s it’s seriously considering a follow-up, possibly with a more modern feel looking at contemporary combat. Not so sure that will be as successful.

2. Fanboys to be 20% more infuriating – A study to be released in a couple of months’ time will show fanboy trends of the last couple of years and project how attitudes will be moving in the coming years. I haven’t seen this study and will probably never read it, but I can confidently say that fanboys will be 20-23 per cent more infuriating than we’ve experienced in 2010.

3. FIFA will sell well – The football genre has never really been much of a seller on consoles, but I feel very confident ab out its year. The key reason for this is great interest in football in nations such as Russia and Qatar. You may also see an increase in Suriname, Burundi and Laos. No particular reason for that, but perhaps David Beckham is planning a visit. Anyway, FIFA will do well.

4. PlayStation 3 to sell more consoles – Console sales for the PS3 will continue. They may go up. They may go down a little, but ultimately more people will own a PS3 by the end of 2011 than own them today. This will be haled as a huge success by Sony and its supporters and Play will confidently announce that the PS3 won 2011 this time next year.

5. Year to end in December – Protests through the year will attempt to stop it, but despite the violence and the horrific injuries to members of the public that ensue, the year will once again end in December. That will mean another 12th month of the year with little to no game releases and a complete shutdown of the nation. If only they had moved December to the middle of summer and everything would have been OK.

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  • Garan

    NO!The year can’t end with December.Not again I won’t let it God damit.I WON’T LET IT!

  • the bossman

    I also predict that yet again, in December Turkeys will be wishing us all a cold, dark, bleak Christmas. Wait, they do that every year anyway. Hmm.