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PlayStation Political Debate Part 3: LIVE

PlayStation Political Debate Part 3: LIVE

Debate_03Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the third and final debate of the election season. With me today are three of the leading political minds of this generation, here to answer your questions on the future of the PS3 and the games industry as a whole. Firstly we have Andrew Ryan of the Rapture Party. Second Dr Wallace Breen of the Benefactor Party. And Third, Kane, leader of the Brotherhood Of Nod. So without further ado, let’s begin.

There’s been a lot controversy recently regarding the ownership of games between developers and publishers. How would you address such a dispute?

Ryan (RP) – Every man is entitled to the sweat from his brow. Creativity should not be swallowed up by the greed or ineptitude of others. You are not required to build up others to greatness, but should rightly have sole possession of your works. Neither should you be constrained by outside forces or morality. Do as you will and the world will be better for it.

Breen (BP) – I’m rather afraid that I could not disagree with the honorable gentleman more strongly. The group that I represent wants to best for all people on PS3, not just those with the talents that were given to them through random chance. To allow such people to rise without sharing their talents is to suppress everyone else. This simply isn’t fair. However, it is hardly Ryan’s fault that he is so misguided in this affair. His colleagues are hardly the most mentally stable lot.

Kane (BON) – Creativity for its own sake is useless. Unless we are building towards the glory of Nod our efforts are empty and hollow. All creation should be in honour of Nod. All ideas belong to Nod. And together we will devour the heathens who stand against us.

Violent games get a lot of bad press from mainstream media. What is your take on such software?

Kane – All that honours Nod and prepares us for the destruction of our enemies is right in my eyes. Those who disagree will be crushed before us and we will drink their blood as a sacrifice to Nod.

Breen – These human impulses for destruction and violence are holding us back as a species. Our instincts of fight or flight are our downfall. Only by rising above these small matters and giving ourselves over to our Benefactors will we be truly free. Once we let go of these earthly matters and embrace our own evolution we will be truly free. Violence is not the answer to anything and certainly has no place in the life of a man of science such as myself.

Ryan – These cowards would betray the very nature of humanity is subservience to some outside force or imagined higher power. There should be no limits to the human imagination no matter how grim the results. Without the expansive power of man’s mind we would not have discovered power of fire, electricity or nuclear energy. Their destructive natures made them potent in our minds and drove us towards greatness. Liberty, freedom and immortality can be achieved here and now, but only with our shackles removed, beholden to no man, god or alien “benefactor”.

Well, that about wraps things up for our final political debate. Thank you to all three of our representatives today as well as to the six you have heard from previously. Remember that the polls open May 6. Return here then to cast your vote.

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