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PlayStation Political Debate: LIVE

PlayStation Political Debate: LIVE


Hello and welcome to an historical event in the world of PlayStation. For the first time ever the three major leaders of the PS3 will be debating in front of a live audience and yourselves reading this at home. All parties have agreed to the format and nature of the debate before appearing here today and have not had access to the questions ahead of time.

So without further ado please welcome Kratos, leader of the Sparta Party. Nathan Drake, leader of the Liberation (of Ancient Artifacts) Party. And Sackboy of the Play, Create, Share Party. And now our first question.

The PS3 still has some way to catch it competitors. What will each of you be doing to make PS3 the number one console?

Kratos (SP) – The fates mock the Xbox 360 and the puny pretensions of the Nintendo Wii. Our supremacy is inevitable and I will bathe in the blood and entrails of our fallen foes. My blades alone will kill these wretched vermin and put them in their place. My might will win the day.

Drake (LAAP) – This is no battle between good and evil. There are no predetermined winners and losers. Only those with the skill and intelligence to get the job done. You want the games console crown? Who better to have go get it for you than me? I know all about heisting precious articles against seemingly impossible odds.

Sackboy (PCS) – [smiles]

Kratos – This pointless sack of a boy has no place here. The gods have stolen his tongue.

Drake – Loathe as I am to agree with the angry ape man over there, but he’s got a point. What exactly does he represent? He has no policies of his own. He just takes what his members come up with and sells it as his own. Power to the people it may be, but it’s just unrealistic.

What new technologies should Sony be supporting to gain advantage in the console war?

Drake – We have to accept that our adversaries have the tactical and territorial advantage, but a little espionage on our part could be enough to tip the balance. With the introduction of the motion controller tech from the Nintendo camp and the online functionality of the Microsoft camp we can have the formula that will finally see us rise to the top.

Kratos – Waving your arms around is no way to win a war.

Drake – It’s worked out OK for you in the past.

Sackboy – [shrugs, smiles]

Finally, what qualities do you think you would bring as leader of the PlayStation 3?

Kratos – I bow to no man or god and will be second to no one. Our foes will fall disemboweled and beheaded at my feet and I will rejoice in the lamentations of their women. I have lead armies, I have defeated gods. All opposition will die, none will be heard and all shall bow to our greatness.

Drake – Being a leader is all about being there for everybody and being able to represent them. You need an everyman and that man is me. I don’t live in an enclosed world that ignores the advances that are going on around us. I see where the world is going and I’ll make sure we’re at the front of that change.

Sackboy – [gives a thumbs up]

Thank you gentlemen. That is the end of today’s debate. Tune in next time where we’ll be discussing foreign policy, immigration and the importance of bean bag maintenance.

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  • That is seriously awesome! I would so vote for Sackboy because he pretty muc represents what I think of the upcoming election lol.

  • Rohail

    Kratos for sure!

  • gPulos

    this is brilliant…kratos is hilariously accurate

  • Dave Moore

    i’d vote for sackboy any day-unlike normal polititons he doesnt talk crap.