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PlayStation Plus’s first few months: what do you think?

PlayStation Plus’s first few months: what do you think?

Following on from our opinion-grab of the first few days of Move, we thought we’d follow up with some more gauging of what the internet thinks. Today it’s the turn of PlayStation Plus, Sony’s premium subscription service type thing.

A quick poll of the Play team shows that none of us have taken the plunge, though we’ve had the chance to mess about with the system and see what it offers. Is it the same for you?

If you have paid your dosh for the extras, what do you think? Are you impressed with the range of freebies? Do you think the 60-minute trials are a good idea, or just a waste of time? What about the other little extras? Have you bothered to grab your free themes or bits of DLC? And are you going to keep your subscription going?

If you haven’t bothered with PS+, why not? Is it too pricey? Are you simply not tempted by what’s on offer? Are you still put off by the fact you don’t actually own a fair bit of the stuff you download? Or has there just not been anything to make you take the plunge as of yet?

More generally, what would you want to see from the service in future? Any specific additions, new ideas or types of demo/beta? What could Sony do to encourage you to get involved in the service, or what could they do to ruin it all for you?

Just wondering…

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  • Duwine

    Psn plus could be better, I would like to get discounts in the new DLCs and games, because I know they will never give for free a new DLC or Psn-game but it will help me to choose to buy new games. Sometimes Im not buying a good new psn-game because I think that maybe (in two years :P) they will gave that game for free and Im paying it now :(-. The demos and betas are cool and the avatars too but I would like to choose more what I want to get for free or not, sometimes I have already the content that they are giving. I thought that in October I wouldn’t pay the subscription because I have some new games to play now, I will buy the new RDR’s DLC ,I realized that I dont have so much time to play Ps3 next month and the content in october is very poor. Zen Pinball is very boring for me, until now only Wipeout HD was the only good reason to pick up the plus service. But at the end I will buy it because it only costs 5 euros per Month and it is really cheap.

  • David

    Not a single friend of mine has Plus and with good reason, as it stands it’s pointless. The point of these subscriptions is to give you something extra, but apart from background patching it offers nothing of any real value. I would happily pay for PS+ if I could back-up my game saves, having been victim to a PS3 crash a year ago, but everything else currently on offer is either pointless or can be lived without.

  • Talking Yak

    Uber cool uber goff has it

  • Pionir

    Add streaming movies(like NetFlix in the US) and streaming music (like Spotify) for an all-you-can-eat price of £20 per month and then we’re talking.

    As it stands it’s kind of hollow and as previously mentioned, rather pointless.

  • Tom ‘Robinz26’

    If you have to pay…
    Balls to it!