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PlayStation Plus: Should You Bother With It? Yes.

PlayStation Plus: Should You Bother With It? Yes.

PlayStation Plus: it's faaaantastic.

PlayStation Plus, the premium online service for PS3 that offers subscribers freebies, discounts, early access to demos and betas, and some other rubbish like avatars that nobody cares about, has hit its stride in recent months.

Whereas once we saw hilarity ensue every time someone mentioned PS+ as being a sleeper agent inserted to convince us all that paying for online was something we wanted to do before – BAM! – Sony hit us with mandatory subscription charges, now we just so people going ‘oh, that’s quite good’.

In recent months there’s been early access to the Journey demo, free, full versions of Far Cry 2 and Trine 2, massive discounts on more things than I can count (i.e. ‘more than three’) and even more rubbish things like avatars that nobody cares about.

Next month? Well, in the US at least you’ll see Shank 2, Silent Hill (PSone) and Shift 2 for free, as well as early access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta. It’s normal for the EU PS+ offerings to be similar to those in Yankland, so I’d wager they’ll be pretty much the same over here too. That’s… well, that’s worth the entry fee.

PlayStation Plus still won’t convince everyone, as not many will want to pay for a service when they get the skellington (and, for many, the main event in the shape of online play) of it for free anyway. And there’s still the off-putting notion that you only get the licence to play the free games until your sub runs out, which raises issues of what happens when Sony eventually cancels the service in a few years’ time.

But generally speaking, PlayStation Plus has taken huge strides in recent months, changing itself from a luxury – something that gave you free copies of Sega Mega Drive games on an irregular basis – into a service that actually offers deeply tempting offers soon after games are released.

Basically, it’s found its feet and become something worthwhile.

Oh, and it did free Back To The Future, which is great because I wasn’t going to buy that but I did want to play it.

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