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PlayStation Games You’ve Never Played: Ribbit King

PlayStation Games You’ve Never Played: Ribbit King

“It looks really goofy, like the game creators were on acid when they made it”

“How can you people not want to play a frolf game?”

“Sounds like a stupid ass idea to me”

What are those comments refering to? Why, Ribbit King of course! What’s Ribbit King? Imagine if someone made a game of golf but instead of hitting a golf ball, you hit a launch pad that fires frogs towards the green. And the course was littered with whirlpools, UFOs, pterodactyls, robot penguins, space tourists, dinosaurs and giant turds. And you’ve come from the planet Hippitron with a walking basket.

Oh hey, guess what

So yes. Frolf. A golf game with frogs rather than golf balls. The idea is that you score points by getting the frog to skitter because of different objects – leaping for flies, pinging off spiderwebs, swimming through water and so on. You can no control over your frog once you’ve hit your shot, so you have to plan ahead and try to rack up a ‘combo’ of these different obstacles as you bounce about. And that’s it.

Bizarrely, Ribbit King stumbled its way onto our shelves via a genuine, full PAL release on March 2004. We have a copy and gamesTM has a copy. Which we still own. And still play. Against each other. True story.

It feels like a game of its time – bright colourful characters, eccentric music, almost no extra modes and aimed at almost no-one. If you draw a Venn diagram of the UK and have golf fans in one circle and anime fans in the other, we’re pretty sure the middle bit would consist of about five people.

We know of two of those people. Are you one of the other three?