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PlayStation Branded Products: Some Suggestions

PlayStation Branded Products: Some Suggestions

Apparently Sony has begun a new program of licensed PlayStation branded products and that got us thinking about what kinds of things we could soon be buying that will help us to express our love of all things PlayStation. Here are some suggestions:


PlayStation Tea Set – For the civilised PS3 or PSP player who likes to invite guests around to play games.


PlayStation Comfy Chair – Because we all need somewhere nice to sit while playing Demon’s Souls.


PlayStation Cowboy Boots – Always in fashion and never stupid looking ever. Wear them with pride.


PlayStation AK-47 – For when you absolutely, positively have to change channel on the TV.


PlayStation Bikinis – If you’ve got it, flaunt it. A PlayStation we mean.


PlayStation Plane – Arrive in style with no fears of your plane over-heating, scratching passengers or suddenly crashing.


PlayStation Mega Tattoos – Brand yourself with PlayStation for all the world to see.


PlayStation Brain – Already owned by those with a PS console, this is the perfect gift for friends or loved ones who insist on supporting other, lesser consoles.

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  • John Malcolm

    How about a nice box that plays Blu-ray discs and is also an excellent console? It could be either silver, black or white, and have internet access, a motion-sensing controller and even be easily upgradable.

    Jsut a tohught.