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PlayStation 4 – “Orbis” – Will Be Hated

PlayStation 4 – “Orbis” – Will Be Hated

A PlayStation 4 controller. Yesterday.

PlayStation 4, Orbis, whatever it ends up being, will not be received well.

In May 2005 when it was originally revealed, the world reacted with derision to the PlayStation 3. They laughed at its huge size, balked at Krazy Ken’s assertions it would definitely have two HDMI ports and that wasn’t too many and squirmed uncomfortably at the sight of that controller.

And that was pre-Twitter. That was before online petitions became de rigueur. Before the throngs of madfolk mobilised and turned into something – not much, but something – a bit more cohesive. The kind of cohesive thing that petitions a developer to change the ending of Mass Effect 3, for example.

Where before it was a succession of morons baiting, trolling and generally making nuisances of themselves, nowadays you have what almost approaches a unified, irritatingly dissenting, voice.

Now I’m not saying nerd rage and the ability to communicate such rage didn’t exist seven years ago. Just that the conduits through which this fury is channelled have opened up no end.

The people have mobilised, and gaming on the internet is now a culture of me-first kneejerk fury at pretty much everything.

How in the hell is Sony going to succeed in winning hearts and minds if it’s faced by a marauding bunch of insane twats from the second it announces PlayStation 4?

Alright, so by no means can the petulant, shrill screams of a generation of gamers who feel they’ve been wronged stop a multinational corporation from achieving success when PS4 eventually launches. But they can colour opinion. Make people pre-judge.

Tell someone the same thing enough times and they’ll eventually start to believe it.

Just look at the people still claiming ‘all PS3 games are sub-par Xbox 360 ports’, or that ‘PSN is crap’, or ‘PlayStation Plus is a rip-off’ or any other number of tropes that pop up on gaming sites the world over.

None of those things are true, at least not in the absolute. But they still permeate. Still stick around. Still muddy the waters somewhat.

So it is that I say: in the world we live in, in the climate that gaming is in, that the internet mobs exist in, the PlayStation 4, Orbis, whatever, will not be received well.

Especially if Sony is stupid enough to bar or otherwise restrict the use of second-hand games. If that happens I’ll be the first one to light the torch and pick up my pitchfork.

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  • Joey

    I think Sony should wait for the Xbox 720 (or whatever) whenever it’s announced, if ever.
    There’s no competition right now unlike when the 360 was launched when God of War was the new thing on PS2. Only competition in the next year or two against PS3 I can see is PC gaming and that’s still really only for the hardcore gamers who know their graphics cards from their floppy discs.
    A PS4 would cost Sony loads of money and no one can really afford say 400-500 euro/pounds/dollars unless we’re oil barrens these days. I say milk the PS3 dry for the next year or two then pump out something truely a whole generation ahead of everything.

  • Jack

    So basically the PS4 will be hated on by haters.
    Thanks for the warning…

  • Dude

    Wow, that was the crappest article I have read in a long time. What are you rambling about?

    But I agree with the comment from Joey, I hope Sony ‘milks’ the PS3 – but I would go further than what Joey stated, and hope they don’t bring one out until after 4 or 5 years!
    Its really in every bodys interest.
    The average guy doesn’t have a lot of money. Sony can’t afford to bring out some thing massive in the next few years. So why bother?

    If a PS4 comes out then, then it will make most guys a little unhappy because they have an ‘old console’ the PS3, and they are going to have to keep up with there friends and buy one when moneys tight for most people right now.

    So let everybody be happy and have the latest console – PS3.

    Nobody wants a PS4 right now, it annoys me just hearing rumours about its release.