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Play’s Top 6 Weird PlayStation Games

Play’s Top 6 Weird PlayStation Games





It’s that old story again: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl rejects him because he’s poor, boy writes love letter, love letter gets scattered, boy attempts to retrieve love letter fragments by, erm, kissing everyone/thing in town, including dinosaurs.



Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo



The greatest game ever? No. The funniest? Maybe. Click the video above, crank the volume and prepare to laugh yourself stupid.



Killer 7



The handiwork of Goichi Suda ‘51’, the man behind Shadows of the Damned, this is frankly mental and absurdly cool.



Gitaroo Man




We love this, and you will too. A cool rhythm action game before it was cool to be a rhythm action game, this sees you squaring off, in musical fashion, against foes such as Mojo King Bee. As brilliant as it is mental.



Deadly Premonition


We’ve already covered this, but it bears repeating: if you don’t have this on import already, then you need to buy it when it’s released here. This is the game that Alan Wake wishes it was.



Mister Mosquito




Forget Metal Gear Solid: this is stealth gameplay at its finest. Playing as – yes – a mosquito, players have to fly around and suck blood out of their targets. In doing so they have to make sure that the humans don’t become aware of their presence: if this happens battle commences, and you stand a chance of being swatted. Brilliant.



  • Rhys

    Every time one of my friends sees the Deadly Premonition cover, they always say ” what the #&$@ an undead jawa!”