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Play’s NPD figures: April 2010

Play’s NPD figures: April 2010


April was a big month for Play – possibly one of the biggest in our history – and so it is with great pride we present to your our NPDs for the month. For those not in the know, the NPDs measure things… with numbers. It’ll give you some insight into how the mag works, that much is certain.

-Cups of tea drank: 15k

-Times Ian slumped into his chair as hard as possible, as if trying to break it: 3.5k

-Cookie consumption: 1.2 million (highest month-on-month increase in Play’s history)

-Gav’s Iron Bru addiction: 67 drums (@$90 a drum)

-Times issue 150 checked for score of a PS2 game: 12k

-Times we lamented not having one more plug socket: 121

-Cups of coffee drank: 10k

-Stickers received from press events: 32

-Amount spent at Flavour, the sandwich shop round the corner: £482,000

-Birthdays: one

-Birthdays celebrated: none

-Graphs: one

-Pointless lists thought up to fill a bit of space on the blog: ONE BILLION

We’re sure you’ll agree there are some impressive numbers in there, and we look forward to letting you in on May’s results. They’re already looking like they might be even higher than April’s.

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