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PES vs FIFA: It’s Not Even A Choice Anymore

PES vs FIFA: It’s Not Even A Choice Anymore

Editing skills on a par with Messi's footballing skills, yesterday.

PES 2013 came out this past Friday in Europe, and FIFA 13 follows this coming Friday. What does that all mean? Well, Konami has gone ballsy with its game this year, jumping the competition by a week and trying to steal its thunder, obviously.

But away from that nonsense, what does it mean? Well this year it means we have a choice between two genuinely excellent football games for the first time in… well, ever.

Back in the days when Pro Evo reigned supreme – the PS2 era, with PES through PES 5 providing some true classics of the genre – FIFA was, not to put too fine a point on it, ass.

It didn’t play right, it added stupid little gimmicks in place of fixing fundamental flaws, it relied on adding things like celebrations over a decent passing system and it was only preferred by the public because of licensing and marketing spend.

Then came this generation, and PES totally lost its footing, ending up arse-over-tit in a heap on the floor somewhere. The FIFA team took the competition’s slip as its chance to make headway, with the vastly improved FIFA 08 showing us promise. By FIFA 09, the EA Sports team had made something essential. Something that, for the first time in the series’ history, played like an actual football game.

PES was never terrible in this timeframe, but it just wasn’t as good as EA’s offering. It was lost, dawdling along with confused, choppy play and some truly atrocious online efforts. But it was slowly steadying itself. And now, as many have proclaimed this year, it’s back.

FIFA 13 iterates on what came before and presents us with the best game in the series. PES 2013 fixes what was wrong and gives us the best game in the series of this generation.

Regardless of your personal preferences, the corner you stand in, the fanboy colours you wear, there’s one undeniable truth this year: it’s a good year for football fans.

And personally, it’s good for me to be able to enjoy PES again. I’ve missed you, old friend.

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  • DO’G

    this old age who/what-is-better fanboy rubbish is definitely up along side other trivial comparisons like whos better stevie me (sorry) steven gerrard or frank lampard?* what console is better? etc.

    * its obviously the latter, former stands no chance.


    What a load of horse shit been waiting all day for this demo even faked illness so i could play this today