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Not necessarily deliberate innuendo in gaming

Not necessarily deliberate innuendo in gaming

It was harder than I thought to dig into my dirty little mind and come up with some examples, but I did manage to recall all of these…

Wii Sports

When the Wii was first announced, it was met with guffaws from gamers across the length and breadth of Britain. Why? Because in Britain, ‘wee’ means much the same as ‘pee’. Americans might wonder how we get through life without laughing hysterically at the word ‘we’. The truth is, some of us don’t.
Anyway, Wii Sports is even funnier because… well, if you don’t know, we (tee-hee) probably shouldn’t tell you.

Willy Builder and Fanny Franker
Viva Piñata

These two I suspect are deliberate. Rare, a British developer, seems to have taken advantage of the fact that no one at Microsoft, an American publisher, would be aware that ‘willy’ and ‘fanny’ are well-known childish words for genitals in the UK. Very naughty considering this game is supposed to be for kids.

“I hit my fanny!”

Again, the important difference between British ‘fanny’ and American ‘fanny’ comes up. When Feena is catapulted into a volcano, she means to tell Justin that she has landed quite hard upon her bottom. To British gamers, she’s saying something quite different though.

PlayStation 3

BUM stands for back-up manager and is basically a utility modders can use to manage the ‘backed-up’ (and not at all illegally pirated, I’m sure) games on their PS3s. Again, this is better in UK English where ‘bum’ doesn’t refer to a homeless gentleman. For the benefit of any American readers, ‘bum’ means ‘fanny’. That’s your ‘fanny’ not our ‘fanny’.
Anyway, a little nose around some modding forums turns up such conversational gems as…

“Exactly – few seconds in BUM comparing to endless hours in the game itself… for me – the (flawless) functionality is more important than nice looks.”

“I made a similar error when switching to a patched BUM”

“Already tried the extreme BUM, same issue.”

I could go on like this forever.

Man Cannon
Halo 3

It’s a cannon that shoots a man across the length of a map. That’s all Bungie meant by ‘man cannon’. If you think it sounds a bit like ‘love gun’ or ‘bacon bazooka’ then you’re just being dirty.

Solid Snake
Metal Gear Solid

If a snake is something long, fleshy and floppy, then a ‘solid snake’ must be something long, fleshy and not floppy. Not floppy is much naughtier than floppy. You’re following all this, right?

ARS Suit

One more slight difference between British and American slang is that ‘ass’ is usually spelled and pronounced ‘arse’ in the UK, thus making the ARS suit in Vanquish the subject of much amusement. “Oh no, my ARS has overheated!” and so on…

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