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New Hitman Announced: Let’s Go Play Old Hitman

New Hitman Announced: Let’s Go Play Old Hitman

Right, now we can talk about Hitman seeing as there’s more than just a couple of rumours about it. Don’t worry, we didn’t actually know anything beyond its existence – we weren’t holding out on you. But seeing as we know nothing more than the name of the thing, I have a different thing to talk about:

You should go and play Hitman: Blood Money until Absolution comes out. You’ve got about a year of playtime there, so go wild.

Blood Money is the finest example of the series to date and is ideal to get you into the frame of mind required for a new Hitman game. If you’ve not played anything in the Hitman series, pick up Blood Money for a few quid second hand on PS2. Or PC, if that’s easier. Or even Xbox, at a stretch. It’s worth every penny and is even worth having to play it on a non-Sony console.

Basically, you get to dress like a clown and throw a dead man’s body in the back of a garbage truck before crushing it, then shooting a dog with a tranquilizer (I will not kill a dog) and drowning some rich woman for her necklace then… well, that’s about the point I get spotted and fail horribly. So I try again. And again. And again.

Because Blood Money’s worth trying again. And again. And again.

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  • the bossman

    Oh Ian, no no no. Hitman 2 should be the first choice, then Blood Money, then Contracts, then the annoying original. BM made everything too easy with the accident system and ‘conveniently’ placed targets standing under a box of crates suspended in the air, with an unguarded winch nearby.