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Never Mind Activision: Here’s The Best Gaming Set Up For $8.1 Billion

Never Mind Activision: Here’s The Best Gaming Set Up For $8.1 Billion

Something that costs $8.1 billion, yesterday.

Instead of buying Activision for $8.1 billion, should you have it lying around, why not use the money instead to buy the ultimate gaming set-up? We’ve come up with some suggestions while at the same time realising that $8.1 billion is an astonishing amount of money that could buy you pretty much anything.

Apart from love. Well, maybe some love.

The console

Pick up a Sony PS3 Supreme from the ridiculously expensive Stuart Hughes website, costing a mere $310,000.

The sound system

Sticking with Stuart Hughes, bag a Bang & Olufsen Beosound 24ct Gold & Diamond Edition for the tiny $1.89 million. Real gold and diamonds with your sound!

The chair

There’s lots of choices but we’ll go with both a chair for driving games – always necessary – and a good old fashioned bean bag. The former comes in the shape of the Force Dynamics 401, costing a piddling $70,000, while the latter can be had in the shape of the Ivory Sheepskin Bean Bag for the merest of mere $780.

The screen

You need a big TV, so why not get the biggest HD screen in the world? Get your own version of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Screen built, estimated at costing around the $60 million mark. A snip, seeing as it’s 200 feet tall.


You need snacks to snack on while you’re playing, so settle for a Serendipity Food Long Haute Dog for $62 and a drink of Ruwa to wash it down with ($5.5 million).

Right, on top of that you’ll need somewhere to play it so buy your own private island for $40 million and then… well, then you’ve got just under $8 billion left over to play with, which suddenly makes this whole little play with fake money seem more ridiculous than it did before, which was already pretty ridiculous. So we’re just going to vomit sadness into our home made sandwiches with no filling because we can’t afford it, before drinking some free rain water and going home to our wet cardboard boxes.

Wealth is sickening.

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