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My favourite versus game ever… Marvel vs Capcom 2

My favourite versus game ever… Marvel vs Capcom 2


You should always start with a shocking admission, so here it is: the first time I played Marvel vs Capcom 2 it was on the Dreamcast. I can only apologise. Arcades existed back then in the Space Year 2000, so I could have played it in one of those fabled halls of gaming, but I hadn’t. Plus it would be another two years until it came out on PS2. So, as it stood, I played MvC2 first on Sega’s direct competitor to Sony.

But that’s all in the past now, and we can move on to the fact that the game was always a shedload of fun: perfect fodder for my then student days and ideal to dip in and out of. Fights, while still reasonably quick, lasted longer than those of Street Fighter and its ilk. Battles could be pitched for whole minutes at a time, swinging between dominance and being on the back foot. Sometimes they could turn into wars of attrition, other times they would be whitewashes – it covered all the bases.

Where there was scope to become an expert at all things MvC2, the game was always welcoming to the newcomer. The fact that ultra-super-duper-moves could be carried out by pressing two buttons at once was testament to this: it made beginners quickly feel like they could do something worthwhile in a fight. This, in turn, brought them back for more. This, in turn in turn, made the game eat up whole evenings with mates.

Plus Wolverine was on it.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 can’t come soon enough, but for those who haven’t experienced it, MvC2 is available on PSN for a few quid. It’s worth every penny.

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