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My Favourite Power-Up Ever… Brütal Legend

My Favourite Power-Up Ever… Brütal Legend


Brütal Legend was a game that was full of brilliant moments for me, but none were more spectacular and made me jump further of my seat than the Bring It On Home guitar solo attack. For those of you pitiful enough not to have played Brütal Legend let me explain. During the course of the game Eddie Riggs is directed towards a number of plinths that contain mystical guitar solos. Each solo gives Eddie a new ability, but only a few of them are absolutely essential. Others you have to go looking for.

BL_BIOH_02As I went about exploring the amazing world of Metal in which Brütal Legend is set I came upon a new solo. It was called Bring It On Home, a reference to a Led Zeppelin track by the same name. This immediately got me interested. Led Zeppelin are after all one of the greatest bands to ever grace the planet. But the name was only the beginning because the Bring It On Home solo brought a burning zeppelin crashing to the ground when played. It’s awesome destructive power was devastating in stage battles and pulled me out of a lot of tough spots.

BL_BIOH_01It also put me in some tough spots though. I spent so much energy using it and then watching it that I often died as it came in. I was mesmerised by it. Nevermind.

Thanks to AchievementHunter on YouTube for the Vid reference

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