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MS @ E3: Haven’t We Seen This All Before?

MS @ E3: Haven’t We Seen This All Before?

NewXboxSeemed to us that there was a lot of deja vu during Microsoft’s conference at E3 last night. Here’s what we saw and where we may have seen it before.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer and Gameplay – As seen in… well, pretty much every COD game since time began. Nothing new here.

2. MGS Rising has slicing – As seen in… Afro Samurai and Fairytale Fights actually. Looks like a very polished MGS game as we would all expect, but that slicing thing has been done before. Sorry guys.

3. GOW 3, worms and stuff – As seen in… most recently Lost Planet 2, which like most Capcom games has an obligatory worm boss and lots of creatures whose arms you have to shoot off. Other than that it was Gears Of War without sleeves.

4. Fable III with hand holding – As seen in… Ico. Yay! Finally something copied from a Sony game. We were beginning to worry this blog was going to be irrelevant.

5. New Crytek game cinematic – As seen in… nothing, but then the trailer showed nothing either, so basically it was a big bag of nothing.

6. Halo Reach gameplay – As seen in… Halo, only this time its built using a proper current generation engine. It looked pretty. You kind of need to care about Halo to care about this and we don’t.

7. Kinect – As seen in… where do we begin? Videochat has been possible since day one of 360, but now you don’t use a headset. Mindblowing we know. Menu navigation is basically the same as the Wii, games are almost all based on the Wii and you can now play Forza with just your hands. Not clear how you control accelarting or braking with that. Voice control was all shown last year. ESPN, nothing to do with Europe. Cat game… basically EyePet (finally another win for Sony, this is getting tenuous).

8. New Xbox 360 – As seen in… Well, actually when you get down to it the PS3. Touch control of power and disc ejection – original PS3. Sleek black design – plenty of consoles (can’t even be bothered to claim that’s a Sony thing). Internal HDD – PS3 and plenty of other consoles, technically PC too. Internal WiFi – PS3.

And if you’re wondering if we’ll be tearing the Sony conference to shreds in a similar fashion to this then the answer is… No, of course not. We’re PlayStation fanboys for crying out loud.

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  • Gamer

    Why don’t u guys stop playing consoles and start playing games?

    This article is pathetic.

  • Bam

    PS Move – As seen in… Wii nunchuk controller? =)

    That’s right. MS copied the PS3, just like the PS3 is copying the Wii. This year, it’s more about expanding, not innovation.

    Kinect is doing more than what (insert motion control camera item here) can do. PS Move is doing more than what (insert motion sensing controller item here) can do.

  • Bam

    Fail by me. I meant Wii controller, not nunchuk. =$

  • bmxmad

    haha I like this guy, the micro soft press conference today was a huge let-down I’m a PS3 gamer and expected way more today justified why I chose PS3 as my main entertainment gaming machine.

  • JonahFalcon

    @gamer. Yes, you are better than all of us with your neutral position. Congratulations.

    Although, it seems that in fanboy article posts the people who smugly pretend to be neutral are actually just opposing fanboys. I guess I just outed you.

  • rofl

    Yeah, the 360 fanboys won’t like the truth one bit.

  • sab

    fanboys you may be… but right you are.

  • john

    @Gamer………… oh yeah? What games? Core Blimey FPS’?? No to that horsey-doo!! That isn’t a game, why dont u try games like GTA, GOW, Drake, GH, MGS, TEKKEN? U can play some of those but they are pancake on PC and plenty of them aren’t even on PC cuz PC is NOT the way to play games dummie! **Edited for poor language choices**

  • john

    @Bam – Uhh just so u know. Sony’s motion controller did NOT copy the nintendo wand. Sony had this in development for YEARS even when the PS2 was out they were working on this, so get yr pancakes right. I am in no way any kind of fanboy (well, i am, of myself) so I am not bigging up sony, just stating the facts! **Edited for poor language choices**

  • David

    Both Move and “kinect” (I prefer natal tbh) aren’t new ideas as such by rather improvements, which isn’t such a bad thing really. I’ve always said that there is potential in the PSeye and Wii Motion Controllers, but so far neither has been developed to their full potential. Hopefully Move and kinect will show what each really has to offer.

    New SKU, wow (sarcasism). I didn’t care for any of the slim models since they often look worse than the originals. I see the point in things like better energy efficiency and some of the other small changes from the companies perspective, but can’t they keep the look the same whilst doing so?

  • Agent75

    The new 360 doesn’t even look slim, more so when compared to the older model.