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Move’s first six days: what do you think?

PlayStation Move was released six days ago now in the UK, so it’s about time we asked: have you bought it? If so, are you enjoying it? If not, are you going to?

We’ve been fortunate enough to have the hardware in our office for a while now and have played a fair few titles with the waggle stick, so we know what our collective opinion is. What about yours?

Do you think the games released so far are representative of what Sony said they were setting out to do? Yes, it’s early days, but should the launch titles not be exactly the hardcore games we were told would be coming with Move functionality? Or should we just get a few Wii re-hashes and some games that could just be marked as tech demos? What do you think?

Is it the right price? Do you think it’s extortionate, or just right for a piece of kit that – all things considered – is actually quite nice? Were you as confused as we were when you noticed the ‘ping pong ball’ on the top of the main controller isn’t actually a ping pong ball?

Have Sony made the right move (ho ho, pun) by releasing all the demos on PSN? Well, that’s a stupid question – of course they have. But what would you want to see in future? Move-compatible Minis? A Move painting program? Something like that?

Do we have any more questions? No, probably not.-

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  • James H

    I haven’t got one yet, mostly because I think it’s a bit pricey, especially if you want more than one. However, I am intrigued by the levels of accuracy that it supposedly provides and also some of the games that are coming out, such as RUSE.

  • David

    I have 2 Moves and 2 Subcontrollers. I’ve only got Sports Champions, Hustle Kings and some demos to play on atm but I’m impressed overall. Hustle Kings support is a bit rubbish but the others work well. I also can’t wait to see how Heavy Rain does with it once the patch is avaliable.

    I think the range of launch titles needs something more hardcore really than what’s currently on offer, but we’ll have a few patches and LBP2 will be along shortly.

  • James H

    Are they releasing a patch for the original Heavy Rain to make it Move compatible so that you don’t have to buy the new version?

    If that’s the case and it works well then I would be very tempted to get one. I think it’ll be interesting to see how it works with hardcore games like Killzone 3, I just can’t imagine playing that without a controller, but I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  • I think Move sounds like a cheap version of the Wii but if LBP 2 will have bonus lvls with ps move then i’ll ‘have’ to get it.

  • Dave Moore

    james h says it all really.my sentiments exactly sir.but i do think something is going to come along and blow us all away.

  • Jack

    I didn’t really think Move would be “all that.”
    Let’s just say I got proven wrong.

  • Drew

    We picked it up for the house – got the Sports Champions bundle in the states. It’s fun for a Wii-Less family. I’m hoping that they bring out some A-class games for the Move rather than the family oriented. Perhaps Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 will make it more than just a family game.

  • Luis

    I bought Move this weekend and to be honest I don’t see a difference between it and Wii. Let me explaine, Wii is a four
    year old system. Sony had a chance to study the Wii and deliver something spectacular in terms of hardware and software but didn’t. I guess my hopes were set to high. One minor note, I can play the Wii in the dark, Move forget it, keeps telling me to move closer to the playstation eye when I’m only 6 feet away!

  • Ashesh B

    I got move sports champions bundle + additional move controller and I must say I am loving it. I haven’t played any other game since I got sports champions.

  • Smileydude

    I thought it would be a dud but i was wrong when i ended up waiting to long to go trade in 3 games for it at best buy and they sold out along with all other bestbuys and futureshops in Ontario the guy said most people randomly bought it after they saw the demo and really thats what impressedd me it is dead accurate kinnectic needs a controller like this or else.

  • FrodoTheOilyPube

    I am so McLuvin my Move now. Sport’s Champions has really impressed me. Tumble is a blast too.

  • Love the hardware, but we really need some cool, original software. The possibilities with Move are practically endless and stretches far beyond the Wii-lite games/demos seen so far, so we’ll get them eventually, but for now, controlling the xmb and playing Tumble are the coolest things you can do with Move. Oh, and playing Tiger Woods 11 – for the first time ever, that game makes sense. My muscles are already aching from playing too much, which is actually a good thing I guess 🙂 All in all: Move is and/or will be worth every penny.

  • I personally find all forms of motion control to be a waste of time. Move, Kinect, and Wii just do not interest me. I would rather go out and do the sport in real life instead of pretending. When I play games I do it to relax. I play shooters on PC and I can move much faster to shoot a target rather than checking to see if my AIM is correct with two hands over one.

    I do not have the stamina to flail my arms around to play a game. And it just doesn’t feel right pretending to manipulate imaginary objects.

    I would like to see a Metal Gear Solid game use this but other than that I’d rather use a controller because it doesn’t take much effort for me to use one.

    However the price is fine for the move. Kinect is probably going to be too much and Wii… No…

    The choice of games is a rather LARGE diversity but it may be the only extent it can go. The only thing to judge is how a game throws an obstacle at you.

    It is just a controller. And to me the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller is the best ALL AROUND controller TO TODAY’S DATE.

    I just wonder why an article like this never existed for ROCK BAND, GUITAR HERO, or DJ HERO. If you want to talk about extortion and quality then look at EA.

  • pete

    I got Move on launch day. Happy I did. Got an extra controller. It was worth the price to me. Very happy with it. Sony is realistic in downplaying the importance of the Move. I think Sony is right. Move will sell by word of mouth. Once it gets around how accurate it is and how involving the games are, it will sell on it’s own.

    I do hope people like Kinect. I have a ps3 and really like Move. Why shouldn’t people that have a 360 enjoy their version of motion control? Am I going to enjoy Move and it’s games more if people are disappointed in Kinect? No. Kinect just isn’t for me. It offers me absolutely nothing as a hardcore gamer. Sports Champions, even though not hardcore games, really sucks me in because of it’s accuracy. In order to please a hardcore gamer, you need to satisfy how picky they are. Move’s accuracy and no lag does that for me. I really do play frisbee golf as if I’m throwing a real frisbee.

    First time I used Move, I was convinced. I’m definitely getting The Shoot. Time Crisis demo doesn’t work for me though. It’s a glitch. I tried playing it a number of times but it only worked once for me. When it did work, I loved it. They should of gotten that glitch out of it before they put the demo out.