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Mis-read Game Titles

Mis-read Game Titles

Yesterday I posted a blog call ‘Top 5 sexist game characters’ that, as I fully expected and intended, was widely mis-read as ‘Top 5 sexiest game characters’. This got me thinking… if gamers have this much difficulty reading, how do they ever know what the names of games actually mean? Maybe some of these guys steered clear of some of the greatest games ever simply because they misread the title. For example…


The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Timmeeee
It’s widely considered to be the greatest game ever, but many a semi-literate gamer may have totally overlooked it, thinking it was another one of those South Park games, all of which really suck.

Supper Mario World
During Nintendo’s golden 16-bit era, a game was almost guaranteed to failure unless it had ‘Super’ in its name because pretty much all the best games did. But what if you were incapable of correctly reading the word ‘Super’? How would you know what to buy?

Mash Effect
Exactly what effect does mash, as in mashed potato, have? Well, it goes well with sausages and um… that’s about it. No one would buy this game, except maybe Badger and possibly Bodger. But it could have been even more off-putting…

Mass Defect
The name ‘Mass Effect’ could actually be mis-read in two ways, this one even more fatal than the last. If you saw ‘Mass Defect’ written on a game box, you’d assume it was about to be recalled, and wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

Company Of Herons
Probably the finest RTS ever made… so long as you like birdwaatching. The average strategy fan with a reading age of 4 is going to struggle to see the appeal of a game about wading birds.

Bumout Revenge
I’ve got to admit I often deliberately mis-read the word ‘burn’ as ‘bum’ for my own amusement, but imagine you were so stupid you couldn’t help but do it. You’d think Burnout was a game about mooning. Actually, I’d still buy that.

President Evil
“No way man, I don’t want biting political commentary and satire in a videogame, I just want some zombies.” Some dimwit’s probably missed out on a bunch of horror classic, simply because they didn’t get the title.

Ninja Garden
It’s a game about gardening, like Viva Piñata or something, but the twist is that there are ninjas in the garden. Except you can’t see them because they’re ninjas. So really it might as well be called Garden. No one would by that… although, people bought flOwer, so you never know…

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  • MarkeyMan90

    Lol I hear sounds of bitterness in your writing because some people mis-read your article yesterday XD

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    Oh no, I’m not bitter. People would have been less interested if they’d read it right, as well I knew.

  • Sam

    Wow I still read that as burnout, it took me a while to realise it said said bumout.