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Mass Effect 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

Mass Effect 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

These 720p, raw screenshots, taken from the PS3 Mass Effect 2 demo and the Xbox 360 retail code, show that there are little or no differences between the versions. But hey, don’t let us tell you what’s what, click on the screens and make up your own minds.

Click on each thumbnail for a full size 720p image.

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  • Jose

    it is sharper I have the 360 version and played the demo, the ps3 version is faster and smoother graphically goes to ps3 , because of the mass effect 3 engine. xbox is like the old mass effect 1

  • Raider_Sev

    ok was there something wrong with my demo? Screen tearing, framerate drops, and it froze 3 times.

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Looks to me like the 360 version has better shadows… COMMENCE FANBOY RETORTS!

  • MarkG

    The PS3 version looks way better. If it does not get 100/100 in review scores, then it just shows how biased the gaming media are. (But then we already know that from the GT5 “reviews”).

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    “If it does not get 100/100 in review scores, then it just shows how biased the gaming media are.”

    I think you’ve got that the wrong way around. If it DOES get 100/100 that’d demonstrate the most staggeringly blatant bias ever recorded in history.

    Scoring the game less than 100 and accepting that the game does have at least some minor downfalls and isn’t the saviour of all mankind that will end world famine and resolve all conflicts would be much more appreciated than giving a “OMG PS3 VERSION BEST THING EVER COS IT’S PS3 LOL” review.

  • Tim Larkin

    360 pics look better. The lighting seems flat in the PS3 pics. Wilson’s shoulder in the last pics has no bump-mapping in the PS3 version.

  • Garan

    The PS3 images seem to be a bit brighter,but thats about it.

  • fred

    Looks the bloody same people , let it be.

  • krauler

    Nice rack on that last pic!

  • jonson

    i own the 360 version, however

    These guys are comparing a demo to a retail build….. a perfect example of a rushed article to get hits. I’m beginning to think some gaming journalist just know nothing about how games are made.

    why not compare the 360 demo to the ps3 demo, oh i know why becasue the person who wrote this is A. Clueless and B. Lazy

  • SinSin

    These pics look bogus, especially since the videos on IGN clearly show a somewhat dramatic difference. It looks like someone cranked up the brightness on the PS3 screens just to make a point.

  • Zeno

    Xbox looks better. PS3 looks very good too, but the lighting is a bit TOO strong, and the last pair of pictures just looks like its on the same console.

  • Sean

    They’re virtually identical, except maybe there’s darker lighting on the 360 version, thats all I can tell from looking at the pics. Can’t wait for this, the port of the game was the last thing that could let this game down, but as you can see it still looks great, so it’s gonna be something special for the PS3 owners aswell now.

  • Kling

    I think version for the console which I like best/own looks much better than the other version. The other version sucks!

  • random

    I can tell this website is trying its best to not make the 360 version such a graphical letdown. I saw other side by side screenshot comparison from both versions of the game and trust me, the PS3 looks way better than what they make it out to be in this website.

  • Tjb

    The ps3 version runs on me3 engine. Demos won’t look as good because huge amounts of textures can be fitted on a disc ( me2 on 360 uses 2 14gb DVD, ps3 uses 50gb bluray – imagine trying to downlOad that!)

  • CPT Mack

    I downloaded the PS3 demo overnight and borrowed the game from a friend yesterday evening. Then played the PS3 and 360 switching back and forth every few minutes to do a comparison. I have both consoles and have to say that the PS3 is slightly sharper and the lighting and shadows a little stronger. The menus appeared sharper on the PS3 as well. The strange thing is the PS3 would only display in 720P and the 360 would display at a full 1080P with that some sceens really looked better on the 360 because it was displaying at 1080P. I was going back and forth on which version to buy because I beat ME on the 360 and it builds on my 360 charactor plus it cost $17.99 used. But when I heard that the PS3 was running on the ME3 engine I thought, quality over price plus the comic fills in the story so I could “sort of” play the past profile like the 360 version.
    After playing them I have to say the 360 is my choice. The graphics aren’t that much better and it barely played better. The biggest factor was the screen tearing and frame rate drops in PS3!!! It was embarrisingly horrible at times! The game was looking great and then bam, the screen splits then during the dialog the frame rates drops and charators look like a robot for a few seconds. After watching this happen repeatedly it was a very easy choice.
    I know it’s a demo and these issues may be resolved but screen tearing and framerate issues should be worked out in the beta! I’m actually a little glad the PS3 was flawed. It saves my money and I get to roll my charactor directly into ME2.
    If you have both consoles and don’t own it buy it on 360!

  • Corrector

    PS3 version is clearly better, look at the shading on Shepard’s chin in the 360 version. So incredible lame Microsoft, lol.

  • g

    i didn’t see no tearing in my ps3 version put your glasses on next time

  • hollywooda

    seriously get a life…

  • kane_1371

    now, i’m not good at finding small things in comparisons, and frankly i don’t care, but, the ps3 demo for me worked good first time, second time i noticed a little bit frame rate drop, but instead the ps3 version had better details, specially in face.
    and hence the polygon power of ps3

  • mucho

    Okay maybe my ps3 is misbehaving, but the demo I downloaded looks a Tad bit blocky on my 1080i big screen. Frankly it looks worse than my 360 mass effect 1 game. Am I the only guy noticing this!

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Considerable difference with the PS3 version being stronger. Don’t believe me? ,open the 1st 2 pictures in 2 tabs and switch between the 2 tabs and you will see the difference.At a distance I didn’t see it but flicking between the two it’s obvious.

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Typo: The 3rd pictures

  • Joe

    Okay, they look almost exactly the same, except the Xbox 360 version has a much better contrast of shadows and isn’t as jaggy.

    To the guy who said it looks block, I highly agree. There seems to be an anti aliasing issue with the PS3, that the XBOX doesn’t have… at least with this game.

    Now, the PS3 DOES have better lighting in some pictures, but that doesn’t necessarily means it’s better overall. Too much lighting can take away from atmosphere, and make things look flat, which I think the PS3vr. did.

  • Steve

    Ok, now I don’t want to be biased… but based on the images only, the xbox version looks better… the lighting is nicer and the anti-aliasing looks better. But there does seem to be more bump-mapping going on in the ps3 version.

    Now if you take in to account the fact that the PS3 is a much more powerful console, has a better graphics chipset, and ability to use much higher quality textures, then you compare them. You can see that the xbox still prevails. If you can’t use what the PS3 has to offer to make the game so much better than it should, then it’s not worth it.

    Personally I think if people want to have the ‘best graphics’ they should just get the PC version, but i’m sticking to 360 as I have my ME1 and 2 characters to transfer over as well as gain achievements.