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Marvel Vs Capcom Wishlist: Part 1 of 20

Marvel Vs Capcom Wishlist: Part 1 of 20

The title of this blog may be a little ambitious (I don’t imagine I will actually be able to write 20 of these), but since everyone else seems to want to throw in their penny’s worth into the MvC 3 roster ring I thought I would join them. The thing is that if you’re trying to pick the best characters from the Marvel or Capcom universes you could easily wind up with a list of hundreds. For the time being, here are my top picks Capcom picks. Marvel to follow later in the week.

MvC_AlexAlex (Street Fighter III) – Passed over for a spot in Super Street Fighter IV, Alex did appear in the Wii game Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and remains one of the post popular characters from Street Fighter III. We’re betting on a triumphant return.

MvC_NathanNathan Spencer (Bionic Commando) – I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed the Bionic Commando reboot on PS3, but I’ll concede to using the Rearmed version of Nathan “Rad” Spencer if it means getting him into this game. His rocket launcher special would be worth it.

MvC_PhoenixPhoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) – We’ve never had the chance to enjoy the presence of Phoenix Wright on a PlayStation platform and that’s a shame. We imagine his moves in a fighter would largely involve move canceling by shouting “Objection!” and throwing law books at people.

MvC_LadyLady (Devil May Cry) – I think I can speak for the whole Play team when I say we like girls with big guns and that’s not a euphemism for something else. Lady has a lot of attitude and is chronically under-used by Capcom.

MvC_JillJill Valentine (Resident Evil 5) – returned from the dead, Jill somehow went from brunette to blond, but we’re not complaining because she picked up some pretty sweet moves in the mean time. That girl can kick serious butt.

MvC_SamanosukeSamanosuke (Onimusha) – What happened to all the Onimusha love? A trilogy on the PS2 and then is disappeared. Do people not like Samurai anymore? Well, we still do and we love Samanosuke too, so please bring him back Capcom.


Poison (Final Fight) – There’s nothing all that special about Poison if we’re being honest. She’s your typical Daisy Duke’s wearing, pink haired fighter, but the gender issues that surround can make people very uncomfortable. This amuses us.

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