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M. Bison – Fashion Icon

M. Bison – Fashion Icon

It seems pop stars from Cheryl Cole/Tweedy to Willow Smith (daughter of the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith) can’t get enough of M. Bison’s threads. The demonic leader of Shadaloo, he may seem an unlikely fashion icon, but it is clear from these two pop starlets that his influence is growing and we should perhaps begin to consider him among the great fashion influences in gaming alongside Lara Croft, Claude from GTA III and The King Of All Cosmos.

But where does M. Bison’s extraordinary rise originate from? Well, for a start you have to respect a man who wears a cape and isn’t a superhero. That takes some pulling off. The key we think to his success with the cape is the broad shoulders his pads give him. In combination the pads and cape give Bison a more imposing silhouette. As you can tell from the images of Smith and Cole, this is something both have looked to emulate.

Then there’s the hat, which Willow Smith really dropped the ball by not wearing. The hat clearly has a military overtone to it, denoting strength, determination and leadership. These are all key qualities for the modern pop artist, a fact that Ricky Martin often spoke passionately about in interviews*.

Then there are the broader trappings of what it means the channel the Psycho Power of M. Bison. First, he’s obviously a man seeking world domination through his organisation Shadaloo. Such aspirations of global reach are naturally shared by the likes of Cole and Smith as they seek to build their following of willing slaves and pop-soldiers (Pop-soldiers being men and women able to dance in sync and mesmerise opposing forces with their gyrating).

Then there’s the independence of M. Bison as compared to most shadow cult leaders. For the leader of Shadaloo, have you ever seen him farm out jobs to lackeys? Have you ever seen him with a direct henchman? Does he have a Mini-Me version of himself running around headbutting people in the crotch? No, he does not. Cole and Smith, by channeling M. Bison are declaring their own independence and personal strength.

Lastly, and this cannot be overstated, by using the guise of the Shadaloo leader and nemesis of so many World Warrriors, Cole and Smith place themselves in opposition to Kylie Minogue and de facto have declared war on the petite Aussie singer who famously portrayed Cammy in the Street Fighter movie. Minogue is their nemesis and they will not stop until she has been defeated**.

*No such interviews exist

**We have no evidence that either Cole or Smith dislike Minogue. They probably think she’s quite nice

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