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Loading screens could make you smarter

Loading screens could make you smarter

Have you ever considered how much time you waste just sitting watching progress bars? Installations, updates, loading screens, patches… it seems everything we do these days is accompanied with a slow-filling bar and/or a painfully slow percentage counter.

But fear not, because the bright sparks behind the rather excellent How It Works have come up with a solution – one that not only stands to fill your gaming downtime but to allow you to do something productive with it too. Brain Dump is a new digital-only magazine for iPhone and iPad, designed to deliver fascinating facts and incredible info in a clear and concise manner that anybody can understand and enjoy. Every issue is rammed with everything from simple breakdowns of complex issues to amazing bite-size trivia nuggets with which to wow your mates, but that’s not the best part – a year’s worth of this delicious new brain food will set you back less than a PSN game.

That’s right, a 12-month subscription to Brain Dump costs just £3.99 (or $5.99 on the US App Store), with a new issue arriving every month to further expand your mind. The free 10-page sample issue should give you an idea of the brain-bursting wonders to come, plus there are selection of shorter subscriptions that start at just 69p if you’re just looking to dip a toe into the sea of knowledge.

Waiting for a Call Of Duty lobby to fill up? Read up on the science behind the high-tech gear the military actually uses. Killzone taking ages to install? No worries – Brain Dump will have space facts so amazing that they make Helghan seem positively tame. And while you’re waiting for a race to load in Gran Turismo, what better way to pass the time than to wrap your brain around the incredible mechanical engineering that goes on under the bonnets of those supercars?

So what are you waiting for? Pick up Brain Dump today and turn loading screens into learning screens!

Download the Brain Dump app now and subscribe from only 69p/99c.


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