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LittleBigPlanet levels worth playing

LittleBigPlanet levels worth playing


Piano Music – Gymnopedie No. 1

With Piano Music, JUNINHO9 has raised the bar for LBP’s music levels. Not only does it play some beautiful piano music, it also works as a visual interpretation of that music, using striking silhouettes and different-coloured glass. As close as LittleBigPlanet gets to art.


Japan Sackboy Industries (Headquarters)
by horiiiiii

This is just one of a series of brilliant levels made with the Metal Gear Solid pack and is as good, if not better, than Media Molecule’s own MGS levels. This the best of the bunch; it sees Sackboy infiltrating a weapons factory and taking on some of the best user-designed bosses that we’ve come across. A must-play.


Sci-Fi World!!!
by mdaj

Sci-Fi World!!! is probably one of the greatest user-created levels ever made. It’s technically brilliant, is visually superb and falls into that ‘how’d he do that?’ category. Plenty of movie references, some brilliant machines and multiple endings tops off a superb level.


LBP’s First Theme Park Photo Booth
by x-NOBODY-x

x-NOBODY-x’s other levels are ace – if you haven’t played them yet, we thoroughly recommend that you do. His Photo Booth is designed for those that have. It features scenes from his other levels where you, and friends, can have your photo taken. Simple as that.


by RRR30000

RRR30000’s Xevious homage is great because a) it recreates the first level of Xevious and b) it proves that LittleBigPlanet can be used to create games other than obvious platform ones. And we always love seeing classic games recreated in a LittleBigPlanet-style.


K-Truck Race JPN
by KB-Fran7

If you’ve played any LBP user-created levels then you’ve played racing levels. But you won’t have played many where the vehicles are as fun as these are to drive, and we doubt if you have raced on a course that’s as fun. Simple but brilliantly executed.


by opime

We can’t translate the title of opime’s level, but it should be ‘insanely brilliant’ judging by the content of his level. From what we can make out, Sackboy has to help a Japanese comic book hero (could be real, could be made up) fight against his nemesis. Insane and brilliant.


Wiggler World 2
by The Wiggler

Judging by his levels, the Wiggler sees LittleBigPlanet as an experience rather than a game and creates theme park rides. Wiggler World 2 is his best, featuring an MGS-themed rollercoaster, a target game (utilising the paint gun) and a log flume. Fun but not exactly challenging.

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