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LittleBigPlanet levels worth playing


By lemon_and_gravy
In lemon_and_gravy’s simple level, football is the winner. Best played with a friend (or enemy) you battle it out for a ball and try to get it in each other’s goals while wearing jetpacks. Scoring a goal releases score bubbles. It’s a simple but cool level. Let’s LittleBigPlanet FIFA 10, indeed.

LittleBigDomino 1.1
By ichliebekathi
It’s such an obvious thing to do you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it yourself. Well, you’d be hard pressed to create a domino level as good as ichliebekathi’s. There’s something quite satisfying just watching the clever ways he gets the dominoes to fall. Ace.


Sackboy’s mum is out for the day so asks her son to help prepare that evening’s party. That where you come it. You have to perform several tasks (including tidying the teddy bear away) before the house is ready to receive guests. And what a party it is!


Temple Of Magic
Every now and again you play a level that’s perfectly made. Temple Of Magic is one such level. It looks great, has some sweet puzzles, is hugely atmospheric and has some great switch-pulling, platform-revealing action. Shame there’s no story, though.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say F-F-Fusion is the spiritual successor to the famous Sci-Fi World levels. It’s a crazy neon world of switch-pulling, platforming, paintball firing fun. And it’s brilliant.

Invitation Understanding
This race level is quite something. Apart from the ace white and orange hexagonal themed design, it’s rock hard and will test even the most hardened and skilled platformers amongst you. And the pixel panda is great. We love it.

Send In The Clowns
Not really a circus-themed level but just a load of clowns that you can do stuff to. Like set them on fire. Or launch them into outer space. Or kick them in the rear when they bend down to watch eggs hatching. Pure genius.

Little Big Schooldays
We have this recurring nightmare where we go back to school as adults… but are naked. Oh the shame! That doesn’t happen in ATLegend’s level, but it does feature all your favourite things from school including maths and bullying. Fun but harrowing.

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  • jon

    WOOT! my friend tia made it! [shes fenderjt] will you be making anymore of these? im hoping to somehow/someday make one of my lvls onto something like this.

  • Tia (Fenderjt)

    Haha Jon. Who are you? I probably will be embarrassed if you told me your psn but i do have friends of whom i dont know their real name. And thank you to Play Magaznine for reviewing my level and showing it on this site 🙂