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LittleBigPlanet levels worth playing


Little Big Planet on Nintendo DS
By Rienheart57

Ever wondered what would have happened had Nintendo signed a deal with Mm before Sony? Well, something like this, we imagine. Rienheart57 has cleverly created an Egyptian-themed level that plays in a DS. Clever idea, clever implementation.

02_levels_meerkatsMeerkats Gone Wild
By GoreLoke

What happens when Sackboy goes on safari? Obviously things don’t go smoothly for the poor guy as he first gets imprisoned by manic meerkats and then uncovers an evil plot to control them and take over the world. Great level: it’s completely nuts.

03_levels_h4h2Inside the mind of a “H4H”er
By wexfordian

The whole LBP community has had enough of H4Hers but wexfordian has opted to try to educated these ruiners but putting together a level that provides hints and tips on making good LBP levels. We’re not sure any H4Hers will actually play it but it’s great nonetheless.

04_levels_bioshockLittle Big Bioshock
By Nathan900

You’ve played BioShock, right? Well, you’ve played Nathan900’s Little Big Bioshock. It’s that good. Well, not quite but everything that’s great in the original is in here from the plane crash at the start to choosing to harvest Litte Sisters or not. Just brilliant.

05_levels_jack2Jack, Sack & the Beanstalk
By julesyjules

julesyjules’ retelling of the classic fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk has a welcome dark undertone to it thanks to the ever-so-slightly Tim Burton-style presentation. Everything’s here – from the magic beans (score bubbles) to the beanstalk itself and the golden egg-laying hen. Ace.

The King’s Colorful Race 2
By Cesar_72

There are literally thousands of race levels on LBP but this one’s one of the best. It’s fairly short and fairly sweet thanks to its colourful graphics. This makes it particularly appealing to play over and over again as you try to beat your best score. Addictive.

07_levels_ABCABCs R Fun 4 Kids
By ikilya

And, so it seems, ABCs are also fun for adults. ikilya’s clever level takes you from apple to zebra in a brilliantly drawn and expertly paced journey through the alphabet. There’s some great things to see and do too if you take your time. Just sit back and enjoy one of the most charming levels on the servers.

By sanmiguelito82

These 3D levels are all the rage for those creators who love to exploit any glitches and bugs in LBP. ROMA WORLD 3D!! is one on the best, simply because it doesn’t rely on the 3D gimmick to make it good. There’’s some fun and challenging to be had here too. Bellissimo!

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