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LBP2 Community Levels – Some Early Favourites

LBP2 Community Levels – Some Early Favourites

We’re only a week and a bit into the life of LittleBigPlanet 2, but already the array of community levels is impressive. Here we present a small selection of those that have caught our eye so far. Click the links to check out their LBP.me pages and add them to your LBP2 level queue to play later.

Clockworx 2 ( by Nuclearfish)
– Games don’t need to be big to be impressive and what Nuclearfish has managed to squaeeze into this small game is impressive. There’s lots of character and atmosphere, but most importantly and smart and challenging gameplay idea that is very addictive. Check it out here –> http://lbp.me/v/w0y-dr

Rogue Panda Rescue ( by jackofcourse)
– This is a much more ambitious game in terms of size and replayability as you must ‘tag’ as many of the pandas as possible to rescue them. That’s against the backdrop of traps, jumps and hidden paths. Superbly constructed and brilliantly balanced, this is well worth a look –> http://lbp.me/v/wq9-kz

Omicron – Neon City (by urbandevill)
– While largely a concept level that points towards ideas for the future, Omicron is nonetheless a very interesting RPG and exploration game waiting to happen. Key things to appreciate here are the wonderful art style that has been created with the neon city and its Tron-like colouring. Could turn into something special. –> http://lbp.me/v/w-2gxv

Black & White Planet 3 (by jump_button)
– We assume jump_button took some inspiration from the XBLA game Limbo, but Black & White Planet 3 is still a very impressive game thanks to its use of light and various materials to create a consistent world. Plus there are some nice puzzle elements and it’s an all-round excellent platform game. We’re looking forward to seeing more. –> http://lbp.me/v/s3jskz

Galactic Base Defence – 1.3  (by urbandevill)
– Another game from LBP creator urbandevill and while this one could also be taken as a kind of demo of bigger things to come it’s a much fuller experience. What we have is a classic Tower Defense game, but with the added bonus of a level select system. It has waves, upgradable weapons and ever-increasingly difficult enemies. An excellent first attempt in the genre. –> http://lbp.me/v/w-26h5

Assassins Creed – Brotherhood (by boost4444)
– We’ve tried to stick with original creations here, but we had to give a shout out to this tribute level for AC: Brotherhood. Thanks to some excellent city design there plenty of challenge to the climbing and jumping and we really liked the use of the Controlinator so that you’re really playing as a Sackbot dressed like Ezio. This is one fans of Assassin’s Creed should enjoy. –> http://lbp.me/v/wv6sng

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  • boost4444

    hey thats my level! 😀 (AC2 level) awesome my psn mate just told me my level was on here thats awesome thanks everyone 😀 & i got 2 new levels up now that r totally original if you want something fresh 🙂

  • boost4444

    awesome! my friend just told me ”hey mate your levels on here!” and awesome it is! 😀 (ac2 level) and if you wanted a original level i just made 2 new levels of a 3part-er which people seem to like and im glad people like my ac level so thanks everyone its nice to get such a awesome feed back 😀

  • boost4444

    ahh crap… i posted 2 comments -_-‘ i did this on my ps3 but said its failed then came on my pc put another comment and say it was on here after i done a 2nd one sorry everyone

  • @boost4444 – It’s a great level. Looking forward to playing your new stuff. Feel free to post a lbp.me link here so people can add it to their queue