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LBP2 Beta: What Media Molecule Will Be Testing

LBP2 Beta: What Media Molecule Will Be Testing

Beta testing has always been a big part of videogame development, but public testing is becoming more and more popular. With its heavy emphasis on community and sharing it makes a lot of sense that LittleBigPlanet 2 would be looking for some feedback in the months leading up to release, but what exactly will Media Molecule want to check?

1. Sharing more than levels – With the introduction of AI chip programming and music composition there is a whole lot more to create than just platforming games. MM has told us it wants to see people giving away these things so it will be important to find out how users want to do that.

2. New content searching – It should be much easier to find the content you want in LBP2, which is important since there are so many more possibilities. If you want to find a shooter or a casual game or a game with exploding rabbits you should be able to refine your search with ease.

3. Social means  more than sharing – Another interesting addition is that MM wants to reward LBP2 players who download and review content even if they don’t create any. Good reviews from the community will be vital so this system needs to be working properly.

4. Community identity – Whether you’re a creator, player, reviewer, composer or programmer you’ll be earning badges showing off your key skills. MM will want to know if that system is operating properly and how well it helps people identify good content for the game.

5. Tool interface and simplicity – Most obviously Media Molecule will want to know that the tools its created are easy to understand and intuitive. It’s already been using them itself to make the game so they should be superb, but it can’t hurt to double check these things.

The beta is alas an invite only affair going out to the top LBP creators and community members as well as MM’s usual beta testing community. If you’ve been invited to join let us know what you think.

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  • christian izarraraz

    i didn,t get an invite wich its sad b,cuz im a good creator, but a friend from my list share me his last activation so i can play beta and i play it for a week and its simply amazing, the new advanced logics are awesome and of course my favourite the controllinator (aka direct control seat), anyway i just give my friend his activation back so i only publish 4 levels, one from lbp1 and the other tree are a very cool n fun gameplay concept betas, please give it a try, my psn id: polloizarraraz43, i hope MM send me an invite soon, cuz i can’t wait to create awesome nonstop explosive action levels, lol, thx