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Is The Last Guardian Gone For Good?

Is The Last Guardian Gone For Good?

Remember The Last Guardian? The third game from Team Ico has been in development for 8 years now and people are constantly wondering whether it will actually see release.

We love Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus as do a great many people, and it’s easy to see how and why the desire for The Last Guardian is so strong. People were excited for this game when it was first revealed in 2009, and the wait has only made the anticipation greater. Originally slated for a PS3 release in 2011, repeated delays and the departure of director Fumito Ueda (although he remains on the game as a consultant) have left the future of The Last Guardian in doubt.

Sony have stated repeatedly that the game is still in development, despite rumours of it going on hiatus constantly floating around the net.

In a conversation with IGN, Scott Rohde, one of the men in charge of Sony’s roster of fully-owned studios, emphasized that the game is still “absolutely in the mix.”

“You’re going to be very frustrated by this answer,” Rohde said, “but it is 100 percent the God’s honest truth, and that is that we want to make great games. And when we see that the public is so interested in a specific game, of course that drives us to want to complete that game. But it also drives us to want to make it great. We would not want to ship that game if we don’t think it’s great.”

“We’re not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved. But that is still a title that’s absolutely in the mix at Worldwide Studios. That’s the most you’re gonna get.”

“I do actually like talking about The Last Guardian. I love that people are still interested in it. That’s an honor to us. That’s not just me spinning… It’s really cool that people are still interested in it, and we’re trying to make the best thing we can out of The Last Guardian.”

It’s the same thing we’ve been hearing for years, and it gets hard to believe after a while. At the same time, for a company as big as Sony to outright lie to its customers would be terrible press if such a thing ever came to light.

We’d wager The Last Guardian still exists – for now. Whether it will ever be released is another issue entirely, and if it does, there can be no way it lives up to the crazy expectations that have been built up over the years. Remember Duke Nukem Forever?

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