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Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Ever Coming Out?

Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Ever Coming Out?


It is. Then it isn’t. Then it is, you silly sausages, lol. Much was made of Square’s darker take on the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga when it was first announced in 1965, but apart from a few nods to it here and there, and the sporadic release of some new material, it’s been a no-show.


Which isn’t surprising in and of itself, seeing how Square likes to take its time and keep things under wraps. But six years since its reveal we’re starting to wonder if its actually ever coming out. Or if it is, in fact, the dreaded vapourware.


When news broke yesterday that it had seemingly been canceled, we’d wager that a lot of the anger that commenters on various sights were venting was down more to resignation than surprise. No one’s seen a thing for ages, and suddenly it gets dropped. Figures, right?


Square waded in this morning, asserting that it was still on, and the internet descended into a bit of a slanging match over who was right. Well now it’s time for us to wade in. And we say it’s on. We don’t think Square is going to bin all that work. But maybe it won’t make this generation, instead getting ported over to the next. And Square have a fancy new engine to show off. Makes perfect sense.*


So, Versus fans, relax. It’s a long way from being done and dusted. But it’s also probably not going to be canceled, and how good would it be as a launch title for PS4? Exactly.



(*This is not a guarantee)

  • ME

    Why do people think that if a new console (PS4) is out before Versus is out, then this means that Versus will be on PS4? When PS3 came out, PS2 still had games released, and this kept on for over 3 years until it finally died. Besides, Versus is almost finished. We’ve seen gameplay demos, and the graphics were not that impressive. So its practically stupid if Square decided to start all over again with a new engine and better graphics for ps4. And a ff as a launch title for ps4? Square is not known to release ff games as launch titles.
    Damnit i bought a ps3 only for versus, and ive been waiting since 2009!! So if it was canned and moved to ps4, i swear i will gather every single square enix game and burn them!!

  • Carl

    Hi i live in south – Africa and whant to know when will ff versus 13 be released in our region