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Is Fallout 4 Set After A Second Apocalypse?

Is Fallout 4 Set After A Second Apocalypse?

No doubt you’ve already watched the Fallout 4 trailer by now, but have you noticed something that doesn’t quite add up? The trailer appears to switch between scenes that are pre and post the nuclear apocalypse that created the world we know in Fallout 3. However, did you notice that one of the apparently pre-apocalypse scenes contains Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, an organisation that was meant to have emerged after the apocalypse?


That’s led us to an interesting theory: could civilisation after Fallout 3 have developed to a roughly equivalent state that it was at before the nuclear apocalypse over decades, only for history to repeat itself and for a second nuclear apocalypse to occur, setting up the events of Fallout 4?


It’s worth noting that the phrase “our soldiers were right, war never changes” is uttered around the time that the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers appear, reinforcing the idea that history repeats itself.


Of course, there could be another explanation for what we see in the trailer, but until we get to see more of the game at E3, this trailer is all we’ve got to go on. Our theory might turn out to be complete rubbish, but it would account for what we’re seeing.


If you want to see what we’re talking about, check out the Fallout 4 trailer for yourself.

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  • instain mother

    They aren’t brotherhood of steel soldiers. The BOS got their power armor from the old U.S military.

  • Courier7

    No, There is only one reason that Boston would be the set for Fallout 4, and that’s the downfall of the Enclave (Which from playing New Vegas, we know happens) In Fallout 3 you received multiple hints at an “Institute” which is the Enclave HQ. This is in fact MIT. This is why the Internet was ablaze 1.5 years ago when Bethesda designers were found at MIT snapping photo’s of the “Institute” and the surrounding area. I would put a small fortune on that Fallout 4’s timeline takes place shortly after or during the end of Fallout 3, but before New Vegas. As others have also stated, the BoS received their Power Armor from fallen Military bases and surviving Military personal that joined the BoS after the Apocalypse.

    The snaps at a Pre-Apocalyptic Boston or suburb, I think will just play a role in the story telling process, showing how it was that the Enclave came to power after the fire in the skies.

  • Elit3 Nick

    Sounds like you need to brush up on your lore. The U.S. military had developed power armor before the bombs dropped, the operation anchorage DLC for Fallout 3 shows this.

  • Jericho Wolfe

    It looks more like you play as a kid before the Apocalypse happens in FO4 and then as an adult version of the kid once you get to leave Vault 111. Theres a clip in the trailer of the dog running through the park post-apocalypse and then cuts behind a kid running in the same park pre-apocalypse, a little similar to Fallout 3 where you start as a child.