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Irish Characters Worth Celebrating This St Patrick’s Day

Irish Characters Worth Celebrating This St Patrick’s Day

Doing a list of Irish characters in games is a fairly obvious thing to be doing on St Patrick’s day, but once an idea like this gets stuck in your head it’s hard to drop it. So, rather than just a straight list here are the truly great Irish natives who have been great ambassadors for their homeland.

Patrick McReary – GTA IV
Technically an Irish-American since he was born and raised in Liberty City, his family still thinks of itself as Irish and has close ties with organisations back home. He’s on this list though because he was a key member in one of the great missions of GTA IV, Three Leaf Clover. He’s also one of the few friends Niko finds who isn’t either a prick or a back-stabbing double-crosser.

Nina & Anna Williams – Tekken Series
The sisters and longest running female fighters in the Tekken universe are both actually Irish… even though neither speaks with an accent. Strange. Anyway, you’ll just have to take our word for it. But we’ve included them because they happen to be two of the most hardcore fighters around. Nina is the only female character to have appeared in every Tekken game and Anna is just very cool.

Harman Smith – Killer 7
[Spoiler Warning] In case you didn’t know all the characters in Killer 7 are actually the split personalities of one Harman Smith, an American assassin of Irish decent who is 60 years old and uses these personalities to take our his targets. Or is he? Plot wise, Killer 7 is a pretty bizarre and unique game and Smith is the personification of that. But then he may be the creation of another mind. We got really confused. Anyway, he’s definitely sort of Irish if he’s real… which he may not be.

And unfortunately that’s about it. There are some other characters born with shamrocks between their toes, but I’m not so sure they need celebrating today. If you would care to offer a defense of Irish from Red Dead Redemption or Sean from The Saboteur then be my guest. We’ll stick with these guys.

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