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Instant Expert: Destiny

Destiny_10Bungie’s ambitious shooter in eight bite-size fact nuggets…

You know, dem guys wot made Halo – the best console FPS series of the last decade. Nobody makes an online shooter quite as well, and its left Microsoft behind to move to greener, multi-platform pastures. Its new game is Destiny, coming to PS3 and PS4 some time next year.

Don’t say the M word
Destiny will be a “shared-world experience” where players all exist in the same universe, grouping up to take on missions and helping each other out in the field. Sounds a lot like an MMO to us, but Bungie has been careful to avoid using the classification. What’s the problem guys? We like MMOs!

Billy No-Mates
Of course, if you hate people or social interaction you can play through Destiny on your own, but it seems that choosing such a path will be limiting your own enjoyment. This is a game built around teaming up with your mates, and to not do so seems a bit of a shame.

Big balls
Destiny takes place in a future where humanity has been almost wiped out by an unknown force. Humans once prospered through the galaxy but have now retreated to a single city, protected by the enigmatic ‘Traveller’, an extraterrestrial orb that once allowed humanity to reach the stars in the first place.

Guardians of the galaxy
Players control a guardian, warriors imbued with the power of the Traveller, as they set out and attempt to reclaim humanity’s lost empire from hostile alien forces. Characters can be one of three races: humans, the exotic Awoken and the mysterious Exo.

Class is in session
Next players choose a class: Hunter, Warlock or Titan. Hunters are a reconnaissance-based class similar to the ranger trope, Warlocks use several magic-like Traveller powers and Titans are your big bruisers, packing big armour and big weaponry. Further customisation as you level up creates a character unique to your play style.

Characters will win loot from downed foes similar to an MMO, and finding a shiny new epic gun is sure to feel mighty rewarding. Players of different levels will be able to play together, Bungie making sure that everyone gets an item relevant to their level and class.

Kill your friends
Of course, it’s not all co-op, and competitive multiplayer will make a return. Nobody does it quite like Bungie, although it has clarified that PvP will be entirely optional. You don’t have to get repeatedly murdered and teabagged by a poorly raised 12-year-old unless you really want to.

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