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Infamous Second Son: Anatomy Of Delsin Rowe

Infamous Second Son: Anatomy Of Delsin Rowe

Sure, he looks like a tool, but Infamous: Second Son seems like it’s going to be pretty fun, so I guess we better get acquainted with Mr. Rowe sooner or later.

Rowe, Rowe, Rowe your boat

So, Cole McGrath is out and Delsin Rowe is in. Yep, it’s a stupid name, and he has the daft beanie and smug look to back it up. As our story begins, Delsin is a 24 year-old waster with no direction in life. Coming across a bus crash he attempts to help, but comes into contact with a super powered human known as a “conduit.” The experience awakens Delsin’s own latent conduit powers. It’s not exactly the most exciting origin story we’ve ever heard, but this is just the beginning.

Smoking is joking

Delsin’s power is initially the ability to control smoke in a variety of not particularly scientific ways. He can shoot ultra-hot, molten smoke from his hands, protect himself with a “forcefield” of ash, heat up a chain to use in melee attacks, float on jets of steam and even teleport, dissipating into smoke before appearing again a short distance away. Sure, it’s not very realistic, but this is a game about superheroes we are talking about.

I have the power

But wait – turns out that isn’t actually Delsin’s original power at all. Turns out Mr. Rowe can absorb the powers of other conduits, taking them for his own, and his smoky abilities were merely the first set he attains. We’ve seen him absorb a set of electricity powers in a recent trailer, and who knows what other stuff he’ll be able to do. Shoot jam out of his noise? Turn into a huge tree? Control small dogs with his mind? Run backwards really fast? Be really good at Guitar Hero? The possibilities are literally endless.

You’re not the boss of me now

Delsin is fighting back against the fascist government and police force that has taken control of the country since the events of Infamous 2. Public opinion of super powered individuals has soured thanks to all the death and destruction they tend to leave in their wake, and the powers that be have cracked down on them with extreme prejudice. Now that Delsin has power, he can use that to fight the… power, and take down a governmental system that wants to lock him up – or worse. Maybe they just really hate his stupid hat.


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