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How to put PS4 videos on YouTube

How to put PS4 videos on YouTube

Recording and sharing video from the PS4 is one of the best new features of the console, but the ability to only export video to Facebook is a tad annoying – who uses Facebook video anyways? All the cool kids are on YouTube, and luckily, getting those vids off Facebook and onto YouTube is easy as pie. Take a look at our simple 5 step guide for more info:

1) Upload your video from your PS4 to Facebook. Simples.

2) Once the upload is complete, find your video on Facebook.

3) Copy the URL from the address bar of your video.

4) Head over to http://downvids.net and paste your URL. Make sure to select the Download HQ Quality option to ensure you get the best looking video. Hit Download and save the video to your PC.

5) Upload your new video to YouTube! It’s as simple as that. If you feel like adding some commentary or text to your video beforehand, a free and simple video editor like Windows Movie Maker should do the trick.


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  • dkjhgasdi@yahoo.com

    You forgot to mention to make the video public once on Facebook or it won’t download. If you’re going to not give credit to the original person who discovered this method, at least know all the facts.