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How To Change Your PS3 Hard Drive

How To Change Your PS3 Hard Drive

This guide is reprinted from issue 213 of Play and is part of a much bigger tips, tricks and treats feature that will help you make the most of your PS3. The issue is available through the Imagine Shop, or on the Apple Newsstand, should you want to turn your PS3 into a BEHEMOTH OF FURY.

If you want to replace your PS3 hard drive with a bigger one, we’d recommend doing so. It’s simple, fairly cheap and means you can store much more on your console. All you’ll need is a replacement 2.5” laptop hard drive (up to 1TB in size) available all over the place – eBay, Ebuyer and so on – and a small, Phillips head screwdriver. (Click images for bigger versions)


Insert a USB memory stick or external hard drive, navigate to ‘backup utility’ in system settings and choose back up. This means your saves and other settings won’t be lost.

Step 1

Remove the plastic cover highlighted on the image and remove the blue screw underneath.

Step 2

Remove the front panel, below the Blu-ray drive.

Step 3

Using the lever, pull out the hard drive. Remove the four small screws on the underside and take the drive out of the caddy. Replace it with the new HDD.

Step 4

Screw the replacement into the caddy (not too tight) and replace it into the PS3 – give it a push to make sure it’s in place. Then replace the cover, screw and small panel.


Switch on your PS3, and once it has sorted itself out navigate again to ‘backup utility’. Plug in the drive you used to store your backed up data and choose ‘restore’.

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    u can use the data transfer thingy me bob…if u have 2 PS3’s & are moving it from 1 to the other 🙂