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How accurate is Assassin’s Creed?

How accurate is Assassin’s Creed?

coverDoes Ezio’s jaunt around Renaissance Italy stick firmly to the history books? Is Call Of Duty 2 a fair reflection of the events of World War II? And is Read Dead Redemption an accurate depiction of what the Wild West was really like?

Of course not. Games take liberties with their source material all the time, oblivious to the fact that sometimes, the truth is stranger and more interesting than fiction. If any of these historical gaming settings have sucked you in, new magazine All About History is the perfect place to learn what really happened.

A new 100-page monthly mag from the creative team behind How It Works and All About Space, All About History is rammed with incredible features that span millennia of human history – in-depth articles reveal what it would have been like to live in a bygone age, while eyewitness reports on major events offer the kind of insight you simply can’t get elsewhere. It’s as close as you can get to the past without a time machine, and we’re pretty sure you don’t have one of those.

Issue one of All About History goes on sale today, available in all good newsagents, direct from the Imagine Shop or in digital form
for smartphones and tablets.

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