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Heavy Rain Week: The Talent Revealed


On day four of our Heavy Rain Week we thought we would give you a little background on some of the actors who appear in the game as well as some shots showing them in real life compared to their in-game models. As Cage revealed yesterday in our behind the scenes look at the game, he chose non-Hollywood actors and actresses on purpose believing that lesser known talent would work harder for the project. The results really speak for themselves.


Pascal Langdale is Ethan Mars: As was discussed in yesterday’s behind the scenes look at Heavy Rain, British actor Langdale has a long history working in theatre on productions such as Hamlet, Great Expectations and more recently His Dark Materials, a stage adaptation of the Phillip Pullman novels. Langdale is also a familiar face on TV in shows as varied as Spooks, My Family and Green Wing. Heavy Rain is his first videogame appearance.

Leon Ockenden is Norman Jayden: Another Brit hailing from Cornwall, Ockenden also has a broad mixture of appearances in TV, Film and theatre, but makes his first step into videogames with Heavy Rain. His TV CV is a checklist of Sunday viewing with Midsomer Murders, Heartbeat and Judge John Deed all appearing. He also starred in a recent adaptation of Clive Barker’s Dread.

Jacqui Ainsley and Judi Beecher are Madison Paige: Ainsley is originally from Southend and works primarily as a model having been involved in campaigns for Lynx and Samsung. Ainsley was also used in the opening credit sequence to Die Another Day. She provided all the body motion capture acting for Madison Paige and obviously her likeness.
Beecher however is Paige’s voice in the game, and the source of all her facial motion capture. She has experience in voice work, but has also appeared in shows like JAG, The Shield and Law & Order. Like most of the other actors she also has a lot of theatre credits to her name.

Sam Douglas is Scott Shelby: Of all the actors in Heavy Rain playing lead roles, Douglas is probably the most recognisable. He’s appeared in such popular pictures as Snatch, Eyes Wide Shut and Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer. As David Cage revealed to us he also has a strong theatre background to draw upon too.

Aurélie Bancilhon is Lauren Winter: Bancilhon is a French actress who has appeared in a handful of largely French productions in the last eight years, but she will perhaps be better known to gamers as Mary Smith, the actress from Heavy Rain’s original ‘The Casting’ trailer (pictured top). This 2006 demo sent ripples through the games industry with its extraordinary graphics and animation. At the time of making it Quantic Dream suggested it was only at the very beginning of its experimentation with the technology.
Bancilhon’s final character model is testament to just how far it would evolve and improve between 2006 and today.

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