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Grass is Greener: MadWorld

Grass is Greener: MadWorld


In yet another new feature here on the Play Blog, we take a look at games on other formats and talk about why we think they should make the jump to PS3. And we’re not even fanboy-baiting. What are the odds?

MadWorld was released on Nintendo Wii back in 2009 to a symphony of… well, no one caring. It reviewed pretty well and anyone who actually bothered to pick it up had a great deal of stupid fun with the game, but it just didn’t perform very well from a sales perspective. Slowly, the game was forgotten about by all but the – dare we say it – ‘hardcore’. And that made us sad, because MadWorld is a damn fine game, well worth an investment of your time and money.

Taking place in a rather mad world, the game saw players controlling Jack – former police/marine/whatever – as he plays Deathwatch, one of those wonderful gameshows (of death) of the future that we’re still waiting to arrive on normal telly. What this means outside of the rather bland story is that you played a massive bloke with a retractable chainsaw on his arm and were able to violently murder hundreds of people. Oh, and it had a sense of humour about it, which is something we shouldn’t forget.

While MadWorld would work perfectly with a standard PS3 control scheme – with a few alterations, natch – it wasn’t until the announcement of Move that we really considered the potential. The game doesn’t need a graphical overhaul, though a HD lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss, and the control scheme would slot straight in to Sony’s new motion controller, with assorted waggles, wiggles and other nonsense carrying out all the violent acts you could possibly want. Probably most importantly of all, though, MadWorld would be far more likely to pick up an audience befitting its brilliance on PS3 than it was on Wii.

We can reverse a travesty in the history of game-buying. Sega: see sense, and re-release MadWorld on PS3. Though probably for a budget price, as it’s getting on a bit now.

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    MadWorld would look awesome in 1080p