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Give a real gift at this time of year

Give a real gift at this time of year

This non-denominational winter holiday season sees a lot of happiness and a lot of joy. But for every rosy-cheeked cherub of a child getting that one gift they always wanted, there is undue suffering, hurt and neglect going on. That’s why this non-denominational winter holiday season I am calling on gamers of the world to unite in the name of one cause and bring joy to those most in need of it.

We all know them – most of us have them in our house – and they need the love that we, as people, often forget to give them. The great piles of unplayed games may sit there, forgotten about, but they haven’t forgotten you – they haven’t forgotten the promise you made them the day you bought them. That’s why I’m asking you, this non-denominational winter holiday season, to give a little love to that pile. You probably have some time off work, school, college or whatever it is you do, so why not spend that time giving something back to those games that have never asked for anything more than a little love?

I’m not just judging here, I’d like to set an example. I have a pile of shame like anyone else, and there’s so much that needs to be played through before I can be satisfied and before I can bring true happiness to those neglected titles living in my cupboard. Tomb Raider: Underworld, Vanquish, Saint’s Row 2, Halo: Reach, Deadly Premonition, Mirror’s Edge – they’ve all seen nothing but ignorance from me this past year. Non-denominational winter holiday season will be the time to rectify this, and the time to bring joy back to the games where they were once neglected.

So join me – please – in making a difference. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and we all have games we just haven’t been able to finish. But your time off now is perfect to deal with the pile of shame and grow as a person. Ignore your family, avoid any celebrations or parties, shut yourself in for the rest of the year and get cracking on the games that need some cracking on.

Happy non-denominational winter holiday season everyone!

Not pictured: my (pixelly) pile of shame. Image borrowed from GameSwing.

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