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Gaming’s top 5 hoes (and other gardening tools)

Gaming’s top 5 hoes (and other gardening tools)

Golden Shovel
Animal Crossing
A regular shovel will do if you just want to dig ordinary holes, but if you want plant bells and grow bell trees – an let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you absolutely must have a golden shovel.

Resident Evil 4
The pitchfork isn’t just an agricultural tool that can be used as a weapon by angry peasants, it’s a symbol of rural mob mentality. If you see a man with a pitchfork you can be confident he’s both in-bred and would like to hurt you. It’s scary!

Dante’s Inferno
Originally the scythe was invented for reaping crops, but then Death had the idea of using it to reap souls. Then in this game, Dante robs it off Death and uses it to splat the minions of Hell. It really is an extremely versatile tool.

Electric Rake
Dead Rising 2
On its own a leaf rake is really better for raking leaves than slaying zombies, but combine it with a car battery and suddenly you’re getting one hit kills all over the place. It’s amazing for gardening too.

Harvest Moon
Nothing to do with prostitution or derogatory terms for women, the hoe is used to till the soil in preparation for planting crops. It can be upgraded to a Super Hoe, which isn’t funny.

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