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Games To Save Your Summer

Games To Save Your Summer

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat are dropping this Thursday and in so doing will be kicking off and spring and summer of gaming, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. Summer is usually the season of gaming drought as publishers big and small assume we’re all going on holiday and have no time to spend with our consoles. They’re wrong of course. This year looks to be different though, so here are our games to save your summer.

1. Portal 2 (21 April)
Another incredible game from Valve building on the successes of a small game in a Half-Life 2 bundle and turning it into one of our favourite franchises. We believe in Portal 2.

2. Mortal Kombat (21 April)
You may well see this game get a kicking in some quarters, but we have a lot of time for Mortal Kombat. We’re hopeful it will deliver exactly the kind of brutal and gratuitous violence MK fans love.

3. Brink (13 May)
Probably the most exciting shooter coming to PS3 this year outside the big titles from EA and Activision, Splash Damage is bringing something new and unique to the online world. It’s called real team play.

4. LA Noire (20 May)
You probably won’t be able to move without seeing LA Noire advertising soon as Rockstar pushes its latest masterpiece. Can it live up to the hype? We’re very hopeful.

5. DiRT 3 (24 May)
Mostly more of the same from Codemasters and that’s no bad thing, DiRT 3 does bring a few new tricks to the Colin McRae series such as Gymkhana. Strong contender for best racer of 2011.

6. inFamous 2 (10 June)
Open world heroism. User created content. Massive new powers. inFamous 2 is delivering on a lot of levels and living up to the promise of Sucker Punch’s first attempt. One to keep an eye on.

7. Duke Nukem Forever (10 June)

Full of the irreverent humour and tongue in cheek stupidity that made us love Duke in the first place, Gearbox’s resuscitation of DNF is high on our must buy list at the moment.

8. Alice: Madness Returns (17 June)
The return of a much loved and critically acclaimed PC game, not making a splash on PS3 and bringing an HD DLC version of the original with it. Alice looks twisted and brilliant.

9. Shadows Of The Damned (24 June)
From the people who brought you Resident Evil, Killer 7 and Silent Hill comes this twist on all of the above. Shadows Of The Damned is hilarious, surreal and superb to play.

10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (26 August)
To round off the summer we’ve got the return of one of the great Cyber Punk series. We’re hoping some of the AI issues get fixed, but we love everything else we’ve seen so far.

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  • Abdi Hassan

    The dues ex trailers so far looks kinda epic I hope that the story is as good as metal gear solid