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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

I for one often wonder who the kind of people are that follow Ice-T. After all, not all of the 75,000+ Twitter army the man has amassed will actually be fans of his. Bots, after all. And idiots. Oh, the idiots.

But Ice has deigned us worthy of the information I – and many others – craved so much recently. He has let us in on the secret to what qualities you need in order to like the man. GO:

“FLTG: Most people that like me are ‘BULLSHIT RESISTANT’ & ‘SUCKA REPELLENT’”

I still don’t know what FLTG means, so let’s ignore that. But the other things? Well, I am indeed bullshit resistant, as is Play in general. In fact, that should probably be our new tagline: Play – IT IS BULLSHIT RESISTANT. And sucka repellent? Well, I haven’t had a Chupa Chup in years, so that’s clearly true too.

Yes, that’s the best joke you’re ever likely to see.

[Follow Ice-T on Twitter, because he’s more entertaining than a lot of other famous people]

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  • FLTG appears to be “Final Level Twitter Gang”, based on Ice’s profile information.

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