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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

New Year has passed, but I reckon there are still people out there trying to stick to their resolutions. You’ll probably fail by about March, obviously, but for now a lot of you have some inspirational words from Iceberg to keep you going for as long as possible:

“Don’t you hate… When people who are obviously out of shape, look in your plate and tell you what YOU shouldn’t be eating..”

Naturally this only applies if you’ve decided on the resolution of being less of a fatty. Those of you who have resolved to become a nicer person might also benefit from the advice. But the rest of you will struggle to get anything from this, truth be told.

Still, he does have a point. I mean, I hate it when people tell me I shouldn’t be eating glass. What is it to them? It’s my body – if I want lacerated internal organs that’s my choice, and not theirs.

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