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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

This week’s Tweet of all-encompassing glory, as I have taken to calling them, may seem a little simple on the surface. But root a bit deeper, and you’ll see that Ice is actually challenging us all, as gamers, to a bit of the old self-improvement:

“I’m still playing the Black Ops campaign. On Veteran. A little at a time but is fun.”

See, you think that’s just a Tweet about playing BLOPS on its hardest difficulty setting. Yet it is not. It is actually a request from he of T that we all slow down a bit and learn to appreciate the now. How many of you still care about BLOPS? Less than cared about it when it came out. What Ice is suggesting is that we take more time to pore over things, to take them in and to really appreciate them.

It’s a message for the ages.

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