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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

After however long we’ve been running this little throwaway Friday entry, it’s finally dawned on us that Ice-T isn’t the man we thought he was.

We put our trust in his Tweeting ways; we listened to his advice, we laughed at his wisdom (in a good way) and we especially enjoyed his passion for gaming. But this time he’s gone too far. It’s going to be hard for us to get over this one. Dammit – we feel betrayed.

“Just RAN through the BEAST mode 12 levels with my SMG clan.. The giant centipede is the trick.. Eats through gates and Silverbacks..GOW3”

For those confused or simply not in the know, ‘GOW3’ doesn’t mean God Of War 3, oh no. He’s talking about the other one. The Gears one. The one that’s only on Xbox (*spit*).

Granted we can cut Iceberg some slack, what with him having such a close involvement with the game for a long time. But then, we actually don’t want to cut him some slack, because we’re bitchy like that.

Oh, who are we kidding? We could never stay mad at you, Ice-T. You’re just so lovely. But in future, play more PS3 games.

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  • hmmm.

    360 sold 110K units in the US week ending 10/1
    PS3 sold 55K units in the US week ending 10/1

    Ice-T is simply playing the better and therefore more popular console. No need to argue or debate this fact. Just go back to Europe and keep on playing your girly JRPG games. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

    Europe may be PS3, but UK is 360 baby!!!!!!!!

  • Gears of War 3 sold 3+ million copies in the first week.

    Resistance 3 sold 187K in the first week.

    I totally agree that Sony has more 1st party exclusives. No argument there. Too bad PS3 fanboys don’t buy them though. Gears 3 outsold all the PS3 exclusives combined in 2011. And then some.

    Next generation, Microsoft is going to totally own Sony. You see it coming. You know it will happen. The tears you shed at night clutching your pillow wondering how Sony blew their huge lead in the PS2 generation are not going away. But take heart. Microsoft will likely offer some kind of amnesty program to PS3 owners next generation. Might even convert your trophies to Achievements.

    Walk to the light PS3 owners, walk to the light…..

  • King_Zackery

    Oh Joe, do we really have to turn this into a competition?

    I’m sure Xbox is good in its own way but so what?

    Anyway if you love your xbox so much why not just marry it…