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Friday’s final word, with Ice-T

Friday’s final word, with Ice-T

It’s no surprise to learn that US Army veteran and all-round rap-bloke Ice-T likes himself a bit of Call Of Duty. So it was equally unsurprising to read his Tweets around the release of the game – in a couple of which he offered his mini-reviews on the game. The second one posed an interesting question that we think really resonates with the gaming world as a whole:

“Black Ops Second Quick Review: I played multi for about 3hrs.. I have no idea where I am but thats fun. The sound seems weird. Am I wrong??”

There you have it – actually two interesting questions to debate. Is the sound ‘weird’ on Black Ops? And is Ice-T, world-famous performer of ‘Cop Killer’, wrong?

Answers in the comments section, please.

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  • Sean

    Wow, he leaves so much to the imagination doesn’t he :\

  • GAPP2008

    The only sound that is wrong is what comes out of ‘T’s’ oral orifice….
    Somebody shut that fool up.