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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Nerds of the world, listen up and listen up good – we think Ice-T is finally talking to us. As in, straight to us – though not addressing us personally. Why? Because we’re the sorts of people who use the term ‘street cred’ in a reasonably unironic fashion*. Look – he wants to talk to us all:

“FLTG Question: When squares say ‘Street Cred’ what the fuck does that mean? In the hood you’ll either shoot or you won’t.”

Now unfortunately this has nothing to do with videogames, and I’m struggling to think of a way it could actually relate to gaming. So.. hmm… maybe Ice should come up with an educational videogame idea that will teach us nerds how to be just like him? Yes, that’s definitely a good idea and certainly not the most tenuous link we could ever possibly come up with to relate this tweet to anything vaguely game-related. No siree.

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*Massively ironic fashion.

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