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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

While we did play Fallout: New Vegas to death for review in issue 198 (out now), that was Gavin. He’s dead now. Well, he’s gone to another mag. What that means is that nobody on the Play team has finished New Vegas. So that means we will forever be in the shadow of the man that is Ice-T.

Speaking on his Twitter feed, obviously, as that’s the point of this hastily-contrived feature, the T said this:

“I just made it to one ending of ‘Fallout New Vegas’ I rolled with the ‘Yes Man’ and mashed with the robot army. But thats just 1 ending…”

What can we take away from this wisdom? Well, it looks like Ice-T is a man who likes to feast on boiled, crushed and stirred potatoes (with butter, milk and possibly some cheese added) while in the company of mechano-men. He also likes to have the power, kill mysterious old men and eff off all authority. That’s the kind of man we can get on board with.

[FINALLEVEL – Ice-T’s Twitter feed. Warning: contains naughty words]

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